Top Dawg kickoff kids Browns v. Dolphins

Posted Sep 30, 2011

Bradley and Spencer were this week’s Top Dawg Kids Club Kickoff Kids of the Game for the Browns-Dolphins regular season matchup.

Bradley was the Top Dawg Kickoff Kid for the first half in Sunday’s game. 

Age: 10

Location: Hudson

Favorite Player: Josh Cribbs

Bradley has grown up surrounded by Browns fans. His dad grew up in the Cleveland area and has been a Browns fan his entire life and Bradley’s entire family cheers for the team each week. Bradley likes to stick up for his Browns. One of his favorite things to do is debating with one of his friends who is a Steelers fan.

His family roots for Bradley when he is out on the football field as a guard for the Hudson White Hawks. This year was Bradley’s first year playing football. He has many other hobbies including baseball, boating, tubing, and Cub Scouts. His favorite parts of being a football player are blocking and playing in the mud.

Spencer was in awe as the Browns came out onto the field for the second half. He performed his Kickoff Kid duties well as he ran out on the field to retrieve the tee after the Browns received the second half kickoff.

Age: 9

Location: Shaker Heights

Favorite Player: Joe Haden

One of Spencer’s favorite memories was meeting Joe Haden after a Gladiator game.  He was wearing a Haden jersey and Joe called him over and shook his hand. Haden also gave Spencer an autograph. This summer at Browns’ training camp, Haden threw Spencer one of his gloves after a practice. Spencer put the glove and autograph in a trophy case at home.

Spencer plays defensive end and guard for the Shaker Fire Raiders. He likes playing football because he gets to meet new kids and also enjoys the team work and making good plays.

Both Bradley and Spencer said their favorite parts were watching the players up close and running on the field.


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