Top Dawg kickoff kids Browns v. Rams

Posted Nov 16, 2011

Ella and David were this week’s Top Dawg Kids Club Kickoff Kids of the game for the Browns - Rams regular season matchup.

Ella ran out onto the field and picked up the tee after the Rams kicked off to Joshua Cribbs at the start of the game.

Age: 10

Favorite Player:  Colt McCoy

Ella enjoys playing soccer and basketball in her spare time. This wasn’t her first time at Cleveland Browns Stadium as she was here in 2007 when the Browns defeated the Bengals 51-45. “I remember cheering and being nervous. I was only six years old,” says Ella.

Ella has been a Browns fan for as long as she can remember. In fact, Ella can recite the names and jersey numbers of any given player since she was five years old. 

Her favorite part about being a Kickoff Kid was getting some television time. Ella’s mother’s cell phone lit up with messages from family and friends who spotted Ella on the field.

David got to retrieve the tee after the Browns kicked off to open the second half.

Age: ­­­­9

Favorite Players: Joshua Cribbs and Colt McCoy

In David’s free time, he practices karate and plays football, basketball and baseball.

Like Ella, this was David’s second time to the Cleveland Browns Stadium. David remembers when the Browns beat the Patriots and when Peyton Hillis jumped into the end zone and gave David a high five. “Recover quick, Peyton,” David said.

His favorite part of being a Kickoff Kid was getting to see Colt McCoy in action. David attended McCoy’s summer camp and lists him as his favorite player.

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