Top Dawg kickoff kids Browns v. Titans

Posted Oct 6, 2011

Sam and Gavin were this week’s Top Dawg Kids Club Kickoff Kids of the Game for the Browns-Titans regular season matchup.

Sam ran out onto the field and picked up the tee after the Titans kicked off to Josh Cribbs at the start of the game.

Age: 9

Location: Broadview Heights

Favorite Players:  Peyton Hillis and Colt McCoy

Sam went to his first Browns game with his dad when he was only five years old. His dad was from Cincinnati and the Browns were playing the Bengals. He asked his dad, “Who should I root for?” His dad told him that he should root for the Browns. Ever since, Sam has been a Browns fan.

The second-oldest child in his family, Sam has three sisters and his mom is expecting another soon. Sam loves sports and is playing CYO football for the first time this year. Despite being the second lightest kid on the team, Sam won the Crunch Bar award in practice for the hardest hit. He has a lot of heart and never gives up. 

His favorite part about being a Kickoff Kid was getting to run out onto the field.

Gavin got to retrieve the tee after Phil Dawson kicked off to open the second half.

Age: 7

Location: Ridgeland, Mississippi

Favorite Players: Peyton Hillis and Joshua Cribbs

Gavin’s dad grew up in West Virginia and watched the Browns with his father. The tradition of watching the Browns on Sundays continued when Gavin was born. As Gavin grew older, he convinced some of his friends in his neighborhood to become Browns fans as well. Now on Sundays, it is not unusual to see Gavin and several of his friends in their Browns jerseys cheering on their favorite team.

Gavin started playing sports when he was just three years old. He has played soccer, baseball, basketball, and recently started to play flag football. While Gavin made many spectacular plays during his rookie season, his most memorable was scoring a touchdown after intercepting a pass. Gavin is currently in his second year of flag football and plays on both offense and defense.

Gavin’s favorite part about being a Kickoff Kid was looking up and seeing himself on the scoreboard.


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