Turner honed coaching skills on playing field

Posted Apr 2, 2013

Scott Turner, the Browns’ wide receivers coach and son of offensive coordinator Norv Turner, honed his coaching skills, first as a player and then, as a college assistant.

Even as a quarterback at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) from 2002-04, Scott Turner was preparing for his future as a football coach.

Turner, the Browns’ new wide receivers coach and son of the team’s offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, was a three-time letter-winner for the Rebels and first started to hone his coaching skills while on the field.

“As a quarterback, you’ve got to know where everybody is and what everybody’s doing,” Turner said. “As it relates to the receivers in the passing game, the quarterback expects them to be at exact depth on an exact route, especially in our passing game, which is very precise. The guys, they want to know what the quarterback’s thinking, and I can present that mindset to them.

“Whatever I saw, if I could help the receivers or the other quarterbacks, I was doing that on the field, wherever I could help.”

At UNLV, Turner played for John Robinson, who was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2009. Robinson -- who also coached at Oregon, USC, the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams -- was UNLV’s head coach from 1999-2004.

“I knew my playing ability was only going to take me so far fairly early, and part of my college decision was to be around someone I felt like I could learn from to become a better coach,” Turner said. “I had known for a long time that I wanted to be a football coach, and I couldn’t have had a better experience with Coach Robinson, and a coach by the name of Bruce Snyder. He was a longtime college football coach who also coached in the NFL. I learned a lot from both of them.”

Now in his role as wide receivers coach, Turner is focused on imparting the knowledge he gained as a player to the Browns’ pass-catchers.

“It’s a good, young group, and I’m excited about it,” Turner said. “You can only tell so much by watching film, but what I have seen on film, I’m excited about. Guys have got to work, get ready to compete, and get better. That’s going to be what I express to them when we’re allowed to start talking football with them.”

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