Weeden: 'I'm right where I wanted to be'

Posted Jun 6, 2013

Quarterback Brandon Weeden is pleased with the work he and the rest of the players within Norv Turner’s offense put in during the offseason.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden enters the offseason break confident in the work he and the offense put in during the 10 weeks of workouts, on-field practices and meetings with coaches.

However, he also knows that the work for the 2013 regular season has only just begun.

“I’m right where I wanted to be,” Weeden said. “There’s obviously some things or some throws that I need to work on, that I maybe didn’t hit when I was out here, but overall, I think my progress was pretty good. We had 16 practices, and I think each practice got better. Not only for me, but the offense, the flow, how fast we were playing -- we were still operating really fast -- I’m pleased with it. Am I satisfied? Absolutely not.”

As a whole, Weeden feels the offense under Norv Turner’s direction and Ray Horton’s defense responded well to the changes since they started workouts on April 1.

“I think we’ve got a chance to be really good, and I’m speaking about the whole team,” Weeden said. “I think our defense is really adapting to what Ray’s brought in, and guys are flying around on that side of the ball just like we are on our side. I think we have the potential to be really, really good. Now, it’s going out, continuing to get better, coming back and not really missing a beat. There are other really good teams in this league, so we’re going to have to go out and prove that we can do it on a consistent basis.”

Since Turner’s hire as offensive coordinator back in January, he has had conversations with Weeden about what needs to improve, and footwork, accuracy and eliminating patting the football during his drops were among the top things.

“It all results in good timing,” Weeden said of the corrections. “If you throw the ball on time, your success rate is a lot higher. Those things have helped me get myself in position. Norv’s still harping on feet, getting the ball out quick, getting the ball out of your hand, which is the way this offense works. I’m going to work on it for these next five weeks, and then, come back at the end of July, and hopefully not miss a beat.”

By eliminating some bad habits and improving his accuracy, Weeden made a quick impression on coach Rob Chudzinski, who has worked with various types of quarterbacks -- from traditional drop-back to spread-option -- in his career as an NFL assistant.

“I think Brandon has done a nice job to this point,” Chudzinski said. “Everything we have asked him to do, it certainly hasn’t been perfect, but learning and being able to apply it on the field, to be able to listen to Norv hollering at him and be able to make those adjustments and corrections, you see progress.

“Not only from a technical standpoint in what he is doing -- getting the ball out quicker -- he has sped up his delivery but also from a mental standpoint, his understanding and comfort level, you can see it out there when he is operating.”

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