Weeden: 'I've got good guys around me'

Posted May 16, 2013

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden has found a comfort level with those around him.

After completing the first three days of organized team activities with Thursday’s practice, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden said he was confident in those players around him, and that confidence has led to comfort in the pocket.

“I’ve got really good guys around me,” Weeden said. “I think Josh Gordon’s coming into his own. Greg (Little’s) playing great. Obviously, adding Davone Bess and guys like that with the five guys up front that can protect, as a quarterback, that’s when confidence comes about, when you have guys around you that can make plays for you. My confidence in those guys is through the roof right now and for the most part, it’s been showing.”

In 15 games last year, Weeden completed 297 of 517 attempts for a Browns rookie record of 3,385 yards and 14 touchdowns against 17 interceptions. Little and Gordon proved to be two of his top targets, along with running back Trent Richardson.

Little, Richardson and Gordon combined to catch 154 passes for 1,819 yards and 10 touchdowns. Little led the team with 53 catches, while Gordon set the pace with 805 yards and five touchdowns.

“Not only what they’re doing out on the field, but just the way they are walking through the building, studying and all those things, they’ve taken the next step,” Weeden said of Little and Gordon. “They’re playing faster. I think they’ve got a lot of confidence in this system and the routes they’re running.

“It’s exciting for me because if you get Josh Gordon singled up, I don’t care who it is in the league, I told him I have so much confidence in him, I’m not scared to throw to any corner with him. He’s that good.”

Weeden also liked the addition of Bess, who caught 321 passes for 3,447 yards and 12 touchdowns in five years with the Miami Dolphins before joining the Browns through a draft weekend trade. Weeden said Bess brings consistency to the team.

“He’s just a great route-runner,” Weeden said. “The guy is kind of a football junkie, a student of the game. He’s a technician. The guy understands how to run routes, catches everything. Underneath, double moves, whatever it is, he’s got a good feel for what he’s doing out there, and as a quarterback, that’s comforting.”

Offensive coordinator Norv Turner has been another comfort for Weeden. Turner brings 38 years of experience, including 14 as an NFL head coach that won 114 regular-season games, to the Browns’ offensive huddle.

“If you listen, if you’re at the line of scrimmage listening behind you, all you here is, ‘Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!’” Weeden said of the increased offensive tempo. “They harp on it because it’s tough on defense. If you can get lined up and do in-motions and stuff, it’s tough for defenses to get lined up. That’s where big plays come about. Norv’s the main reason. That’s his main focus right now, learning this offense, but doing it fast, and it’s helped us up to this point.

“He coaches me on every play, and I think that’s great. I think that’s the way it should be, and trust me, I look him in the eye and I acknowledge it. I’m a sponge. He’s really good at what he does, and he’s right 100 percent of the time.

“This means a lot to me, and this is my job. I take it seriously and I want to be the guy. I want to build off last year. I think we’re going to be a better football team in a lot of ways, and I want to be a part of it, prove to (the coaches) that I am that guy and make this team better.”

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