Weeden, Mack remember Senior Bowl

Posted Jan 20, 2013

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden and center Alex Mack both competed in the Senior Bowl, which will be played this week in Mobile, Ala.

Before they were drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns, quarterback Brandon Weeden and center Alex Mack participated in the Senior Bowl all-star game under the direction of NFL coaching staffs in Mobile, Ala.

Weeden played in the 2012 game as a member of the South team, while Mack was an offensive lineman during the 2010 all-star contest.

“I remember it was a long four days,” Weeden said. “You walk through the lobby of the hotel and teams are grabbing you. It’s kind of a meat-market. You’re being pulled in a million different directions, along with the football stuff.”

Mack added, “The Senior Bowl was a pretty rough experience. It was five or six days total and four days of some hard practices and high stress. Everyone’s working real hard and all these coaches are looking at you. You know it’s a pretty important thing and it was a pretty high-stress week of work. I think it paid off. I think I did a good job and I think it paid off.”

The Senior Bowl experience paid off for both Weeden and Mack, as they were drafted by the Browns in the first round of their respective rookie seasons, Mack with the 21st overall pick in 2009 and Weeden came to Cleveland at No. 22 in 2012.

“It was fun. I enjoyed every minute,” Weeden said. “I think it’s a great process as far as evaluating players and it helped me. I had a good week of practice. It was a long four days, but it was definitely a beneficial four days.”

According to Weeden the football part of the week “was a blast.” He enjoyed the challenges that came with the having only a few days to learn a new offense before a game while going on a week-long job interview in front of NFL personnel executives.

“You go in and you learn a new offense,” Weeden said. “You’re around guys, and I was with the Redskins. We were consistently, always learning different terminology that you were going to apply. We had two or three days of practice and then, you go play the game.”

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