Weeden works to improve

Posted Dec 19, 2012

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is focused on improving over the final eight quarters of the 2012 regular season.

After breaking down the film from Sunday’s 38-21 loss to the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur has a single goal for rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden to accomplish over the final two games of the 2012 regular season.

“I want him to play consistent, winning football,” Shurmur said. “You need to get completions. You need to execute well. We’ve got to make sure we do everything in the run game right, and we’ve got to get the team in the end zone. You want to be efficient and explosive and play (well at) quarterback.”

Weeden completed 21 of 35 pass attempts for 244 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions in the loss to Washington. Before the Redskins game, Weeden had thrown three interceptions through the previous four games.

“We have eight quarters of football left and that’s me playing well for these guys in this locker room,” Weeden said. “I’ve got to put eight good quarters on tape.

“(I want to go) back to the way I played the previous three weeks leading up to last week, I think just taking care of the football, being smart, helping do my part, continue to put together good drives, good plays and finish strong. I think numbers being thrown out of the window, obviously now, we’re not in the playoff hunt anymore; now, it’s just going out, playing well and getting better. We have eight quarters of football to play, so it’s just finishing strong and leaving it all on the line.”

When looking at the season as a whole, Weeden said there were times where he was pleased with his play and others where he recognized the need for improvement.

“I haven’t played near well enough to have a chance to win,” Weeden said. “It’s on me. I’ve got to play better. Whatever it is, I’ve got to find a way to give our team a chance to win week-in and week-out, be more consistent. That’s one thing I’m going to have to dial in on this offseason. I have to get better. In order for us to be where we need to be, I’ve got to get better.”

Although he acknowledged wanting to take better care of the football in the final two games, at the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers, Weeden said the threat of a turnover will not prevent him from taking shots down the field.

In the loss to Washington, Weeden completed a 69-yard touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Travis Benjamin. The Weeden-to-Benjamin touchdown was the third-longest scoring pass ever thrown by a Browns rookie quarterback.

“You’ve got to be smart,” Weeden said. “If you get in the mindset of thinking about being too cautious with throws, that’s when you’re a little more errant. You’re not as accurate; you’re not as aggressive, but there’s times where you’ve got to be smart. Whether it’s in the red zone or after a big play, you have to pick your spots. At this point, I’ve just got to let it fly. From here on out, just let it rip and be aggressive to take shots.”

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