Young prepares for busy weekend

Posted Jun 19, 2012

Browns defensive back Usama Young is heading home to the Washington, D.C., area for a weekend of events to benefit the community and the Usama Young Youth Foundation.

The fall is filled with big weekends for NFL players.

But for Cleveland Browns defensive back Usama Young, those big weekends do not stop with the final game of the season.

With his fourth annual “Stay Focused Weekend,” Young will host multiple events near his hometown in the Washington, D.C., area to benefit various community organizations and the Usama Young Youth Foundation.

“It’s something I look forward to every year,” Young said. “(It’s) where we culminate the week with the football and cheer camp, but before that, we do some things around the community.”

The three-day event begins on Thursday, when Young will bag food and goods for the Capital Area Food Bank and also take part in the Healthy Living cooking demonstration in the morning. In the afternoon, Young will host a community service event with the participants in the camp at the Food Bank.

“We’ve got a food drive going on; we’ve got a voluntarily thing where we get the kids out and do community service at the D.C. Food Bank,” Young said. “They get to go out and serve the community they grow up in and that’s the major thing. They get community service hours, but at the same time, they’re giving back at a young age. We get to instill some values in them and then, get to the camp.”

On Friday, Young will team up with fellow NFL players for a “Celebrity Scoop” ice cream event at Rita’s at the Boulevard in his hometown of Largo, Md. Later that evening, he will host the Usama Young Youth Foundation Celebrity Bowling Party. Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, who went to the University of Maryland-College Park, and defensive back Joe Haden, a native of Fort Washington, Md., are two of the eight NFL players expected to participate.

“I see how many people actually get so excited about it,” Young said. “They come out every year and we have a whole lot of new people that say, ‘Wow, you’re really into this. You’re not the average guy that shows up, signs some autographs, shakes some hands and then, leaves.’ I’m going to be serving. I’m going to be part of everything, coaching at the camp and running around with the little kids. I’ll get involved with the cheerleading portion of it, not too many of the splits and jumps, but I’ll interact with the kids and the families. It’s just something that means a lot to me.”

The weekend concludes on Saturday with the fourth annual “Stay Focused Football and Cheer Camp.” During the camp, Young and his NFL teammates will teach skills, techniques and the life lessons of leadership, being honest and working with a team.

“To be honest, the football and cheerleading portions are major, but I want them to get even more than just the football fundamentals and the skills developed in the camp and learned from the professional and high school and college athletes,” Young said. “I want them to learn some life lessons, some things that I learned when I was younger. I want them to have some values that they take from the camp.”

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