10 Questions With: Greg Little

Posted Aug 21, 2013

In this web feature, goes under the helmet with your favorite players, and this week's spotlight is on wide receiver Greg Little.

1. Why did you trade jersey numbers with Davone Bess?
"It worked out for both parties. He's been 15 his whole career, and 18 had the '8' (his jersey number at the University of North Carolina) in it. It was a good trade."

2. How do you keep the locker room loose?
"I'm pretty much the team jokester. I like to keep everybody upbeat and having laughs. Off the field, I just have that character where I want the whole team to jell. The camaraderie is great around here."

3. Speaking of characters, who is your favorite cartoon character?
"Hey Arnold. He was a cool dude. He was a laid back, chill dude. Everybody in the neighborhood liked him."

4. Do you have any unique collections?
"Sneakers. Not thinking about brands, I have probably 120 plus, 130 plus. I'm drifting away from Jordans. I'm doing more of the designer sneakers. I still collect the Jordans. I just never wear them."

5. If you could design the "Greg Little Sneaker," what would it look like?
"It'd be similar to a mid-top, and would have to have a strap somewhere on it. It'd be tight."

6. In addition to the sneakers, you also have 500 movies in your collection. What would Browns fans be surprised to know about your collection?
"I like romantic comedies. There's a lot of them out there, but if I had a quiz on romantic comedies, I'd probably ace it. My favorite is 'The Break-Up' with Vince Vaughn. That's my favorite actor."

7. Your favorite colors are simple black and white, but what's the wildest color suit you have ever worn?
"Coral. I'm not afraid to step out the box by any means."

8. What is on Greg Little's iPod before a game?
"Drake. I've been to three concerts, and really, he's a real lyrist to me. I have all his albums for sure, and some of his mix-tapes."

9. What is your dream car?
"A Lamborghini Aventador. I have driven one. It's pretty outrageous, man."

10. What food is a must-have on your dinner table?
"Caramel apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream. Mom makes it."

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