Clevelander Jamie Meder makes block to remember in Browns win

Posted Dec 24, 2016

Parma Heights native blocked San Diego’s short FG attempt late in the game

Jamie Meder was a Browns fan before he was a Brown.

A native of Parma Heights, Meder felt the pain of a winless season just like the rest of his teammates, but he also knew just how much it weighed on the fans who watched every play. He knew the power of a single win, the kind he had a hand in -- literally -- delivering Saturday at FirstEnergy Stadium.

“This,” Meder said, “is what Cleveland should feel like every week.”

Meder’s moment was one of the biggest in a second half full of them.

With 3:45 to play and the Browns clinging to a 20-17 lead, San Diego lined up a 32-yard field goal attempt. Coming into Saturday’s game, San Diego kicker Josh Lambo was perfect from 31-39 yards.

Meder stationed himself in the middle of the line across from Chargers offensive lineman Kenny Wiggins. When the ball was snapped, rookie Carl Nassib, who was lined up to Meder’s left, dug into Wiggins, opening up a lane for Meder to make his first field goal block since “probably high school.”

Meder stretched his arms out and hoped for the best as Lambo swung his foot into the ball.


“I felt something hit my hand,” Meder said, “and I felt good after it.”

He felt even better when Lambo’s second attempt to tie the game, this one coming in frantic fashion with 1 second left, sailed wide right and clinched Cleveland’s first victory of the season. As the team celebrated on the field, Meder was the subject of a stadium-wide post-game interview, an event he surmised was definitely his first as a professional and probably his first since his days at nearby Ashland University.

“It feels great,” Meder said. “That’s everybody’s goal is to make big plays and help the team.”

Meder smiled and joked after the game, deferring credit to Nassib and his other teammates. Those teammates were much more willing to make him the reluctant center of attention.

“The Pierogi Prince of Parma’ does it again,” Browns veteran offensive lineman Joe Thomas said. “That man is awesome. He is one of my favorites. I think he is playing in the polka band here this weekend on Christmas Day so if you guys get a chance, go out and watch him. He is the accordion player.

“He is awesome. I love a blue-collar guy like that. He is a man after my own heart. You do not hear a lot from the guy during the week, but he is a guy that has fought his way from the bottom and he has made a huge impact on this team. If he was standing here, I would love to give him a hug.”

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