Draft History 2000-2009

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1 Brown, Courtney DE Penn State [1st overall]
2 Northcutt, Dennis WR Arizona [32nd]
3a Prentice, Travis RB Miami (Ohio) [63rd]
3b Dawson, JaJuan WR Tulane [79th]
4a Sanders, Lewis CB Maryland [95th]
4b Shea, Aaron TE Michigan [110th]
5a Malbrough, Anthony DB Texas Tech [130th]
5b Chapman, Lamar DB Kansas State [146th]
6a Wynn, Spergon QB Southwest Texas State [183rd]
6b Bedell, Brad OL Colorado [206th]
7a Savea, Manuia OL Arizona [207th]
7b Chandler, Eric DL Jackson State [209th]choice acquired from Chicago for the Browns' 2nd and 3rd selections in the 7th round
7c Barnes, Rashidi S Colorado [225th]choice from Chicago, see 7b
1 Warren, Gerard DT Florida [3rd]
2 Morgan, Quincy WR Kansas State [33rd]
3 Jackson, James RB Miami (Fla) [65th]
4 Henry, Anthony DB South Florida [97th]
5 Pharms, Jeremiah LB Washington [134th]
6 Jameson, Michael DB Texas A&M [165th]
7a Zukauskas, Paul OL Boston College [203rd]
7b King, Andre WR Miami (Fla) [245th] compensatory selection
1 Green, William RB Boston College [16th overall]
2 Davis, Andre' WR Virginia Tech [47th]
3 Fowler, Melvin OL Maryland [76th]
4a Bentley, Kevin LB Northwestern [101st]
4b Taylor, Ben LB Virginia Tech [111th]
4c Sanders, Darnell TE Ohio State [122nd]
5 Davis, Andra LB Florida [141st]
7 Gonzalez, Joaquin OL Miami (Fla) [227th]
1 Faine, Jeff C Notre Dame [21st overall]
2 Thompson, Chaun LB West Texas A&M [52nd]
3 Crocker, Chris DB Marshall [84th]
4 Suggs, Lee, Jr. RB Virginia Tech [115th]
5a Pontbriand, Ryan LS Rice [142nd]choice acquired from Minnesota
5b Lehan, Michael DB Minnesota [152nd]
6 Garay, Antonio DE Boston College [195th]
1 Winslow, Kellen TE Miami Choice traded to Detroit along with Browns 2nd round choice for the Lions first-round choice [6th overall]
2 Jones, Sean S Georgia [59th] Browns choice traded to Detroit (see above), choice [59th] acquired from Indianapolis, and the Colts fifth round choice for the Browns 2004 third round, fifth-round and sixth round choices
3 Browns choice traded to Indianapolis see above
4 McCown, Luke QB Louisiana Tech [106th]
5 Gordon, Amon DL Stanford Browns choice traded to Indianapolis see above, choice acquired from Indianapolis, [161st]
6 Chambers, Kirk OL Stanford Browns choice traded to Indianapolis see above, choice [176th] acquired from Buffalo in 2003 trade for TE Mark Campbell,
7 Echemandu, Adimchinobe RB California [208th]
1 Edwards, Braylon WR Michigan [3rd overall]
2 Pool, Brodney DB Oklahoma [34th]
3 Frye, Charlie QB Akron [67th]
4 Perkins, Antonio DB Oklahoma [103rd]
5 McMillan, David DE/LB Kansas [139th]
6a Speegle, Nick LB New Mexico [176th]
6b Hoffman, Andrew DL Virginia Traded QB Luke McCown to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers' sixth-round choice [203rd]
7 Dunn, Jonathan OL Virginia Tech [217th]
1 Wimbley, Kamerion LB Florida State 13th overall
2 Jackson, D'Qwell LB Maryland 34th overall
3 Wilson, Travis WR Oklahoma 78th
4a Williams, Leon LB Miami (Fla) 110th
4b Sowells, Isaac OL Indiana 112th
5a Harrison, Jerome RB Washington State 145th
5b Minter, Demario DB Georgia 152nd
6a Vickers, Lawrence FB Colorado 180th
6b Oshinowo, Babatunde DT Stanford 181st
7 Hamilton, Juston S Virginia Tech 222nd
1a Thomas, Joe OT Wisconsin 3rd overall
1b Quinn, Brady QB Notre Dame 22nd overall
2 Wright, Eric DB UNLV 53rd overall
5 McDonald, Brandon DB Memphis 140th overall
6 Purcell, Melila DL Hawaii 200th overall
7a Pittman, Chase DL LSU 213th overall
7b Steptoe, Syndric WR Arizona 234th overall
4a Bell, Beau LB UNLV 104th overall (From Raiders through Cowboys)
4b Rucker, Martin TE Missouri 111th overall (From Lions through Cowboys)
6a Rubin, Ahtyba DT Iowa State 190th overall (From Seahawks)
6b Hubbard, Paul WR Wisconsin 191th overall (From Browns through Eagles)
7 Hall, Alex DE St. Augustine 200th overall
1 Mack, Alex OL Cal Pick 21 (21) (From Eagles)
2 Robiskie, Brian WR Ohio State Pick 4 (36)
2 Massaquoi, Mohamed WR Georgia Pick 18 (50) (From Buccaneers)
2 Veikune, David OLB Hawaii Pick 20 (52) (From Jets)
4 Maiava, Kaluka LB USC Pick 4 (104)
6 Carey, Don DB Norfolk State Pick 4 (177)
6 Francies, Coye DB San Jose State Pick 18 (191) (From Buccaneers)
6 Davis, James RB Clemson Pick 22 (195) (From Vikings through Eagles)

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