2020 NFL Draft

Browns scout Colton Chapple analyzes 6th-round OL Drew Forbes - Press Conference

On OL Drew Forbes:

"Drew is a three-year starter down there at Southeast Missouri State. He is originally from Southeast Missouri, as well, so he is a local kid. He went under-recruited throughout the high school process. He kind of stepped in, learned a little bit and played a little bit as a freshman, but over his career, he has had over 34 starts. He has played in 44 games. This is a very experienced offensive tackle. He played exclusively on the left side while he was playing for Southeast Missouri State."

On where Forbes is projected to play:

"I think that is one of the things that attracted us is the fact that he is athletic enough to play left (tackle), but he also has the versatility to kick inside if we see fit. That is really a better question for (offensive line) Coach (James) Campen just to see how to get the best five out there, to build depth or wherever he kind of fits in. That is one of the positives from us getting a guy like Drew is he does have that athleticism and he does have that intelligence where he can play multiple positions."

On finding OL contributors who may be from a smaller school and go in later rounds:

"I think you have to look for the traits and how he does versus this level of competition. I know that guys can be classified as developmental or NFL ready. With Drew, we saw really athletic feet. We saw strength at the point of attack. We saw toughness. We saw aggressive nature. All of the things that you look for at this level. With any rookie coming in, it does not matter where you play, there is going to be an adjustment period. He is going to have to learn our offense. He is going to have to learn our calls. We feel that given the chance and given the NFL coaching, he can develop and he has quite a bit of upside in our minds."

On evaluating a player who has played a majority of his career at LT and weighing how that player could transition to another position:

"The good thing is that we have seen him work out personally twice. I went down there for his Pro Day and then another one of our scouts (Assistant Director of Scouting) Glenn Cook went down there and worked him out, as well. We also had him in here on a 30 visit so we were able to pick his brain. We were able to see how he learns. We were able to see how he could describe the protection schemes or the blocking schemes. You get those questions answered, but at the same time, on the field you are able to see OK, things happen a little bit quicker inside; does he have the foot agility to do that? Does he have the reactive quickness? Does he have the strength? That stuff you kind of figure out once you get him on campus and once you see him going against some of the bigger defensive tackles that he probably did not see during his time at Southeast Missouri State."

On discovering players who are not invited to the Combine and may go under the radar:

"As a scout, it is always fun to try and find your own diamond in the rough or a guy that is under the radar. I do not know if we spend more time on them. We spent an incredible amount of time on Drew. We did bring him in on a 30 visit just so that we could talk to him because we did not get a chance to at any all-star games or at any combines just to get familiar with the person and familiar with the player at the end of the day."

On Forbes being described with a 'bulldog mentality':

"It is really interesting because when you talk to the kid, you would never guess it. He is very mild nature. He is extremely intelligent, very personable. Once he gets onto the field, you do see him flip that switch. He is what we like to call a finisher. He will get on you, he will drive you down field and then he will try to finish you. He does, he plays with an extremely high level of toughness, and that is really encouraging to see because you want five of those guys on the field at all times. You want your whole team to play the game not only angry but with passion that Drew has shown just based off of the game tape that we have been able to watch."

On at how many Pro Days he assists at QB, dating back to his playing days as a QB at Harvard:

"(Laughter) We have quite a good rotation in the Midwest to cycle between a couple of us. It really just depends on if there is an arm there."

On if he knows in advance when he has to step in and assist during workouts:

"It is really just spur of the moment. It is usually for position drills in terms of the defensive side and linebackers. If there is a receiver prospect or a tight end prospect, they usually have their own guy that will come in and throw to them, but every now and then. At the local pro day, I will get out there and just make sure that we can get a good eval of the guys if we are not able to get a quarterback out in there."

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