Press Conference

Gregg Williams conference call - 11/26

Opening statement:

"I was proud of the way that the guys played yesterday. I thought that their effort was good coming out of a bye week. It was nice to see that. I thought they were focused. They wanted to come out, they wanted to play well and they wanted to start fast, and we saw them do that. I mentioned that yesterday. That was very good to see at this point in time of the season. That was really a good team win to get a streak started. I thought all three phases did their job. I thought it was cool to be able to share the results with a lot of the feedback that we have gotten from a lot of the fans, a lot of people in the building, the people on the team and their families. That was really good. I still think that we can be better. The thing that we have to do is continue to push to be better to be able to take a look at where we were good here and continue on in that vein, but also we have some corrections. We have out 24-hour rule. We have to get all of this stuff processed here today and then move onto the Texans. We will get a chance to TV scout them tonight. Even though we had a victory Monday, one of the things that we do – I thought that it was important for us – is for me to throw a bone and understand that winning is extremely important – but I do believe that these guys did a great job coming off of the bye week of showing us how they handled the limited time or the little bit of time off to come back into last week eager and ready to go. They have been in the building all day here. Even though it is a victory Monday, they have been in the building doing the things that they have to do in the strength program, the training room and watching all of the film. We have had position meetings where there have been leaders on the team run position meetings. Coaches, with all of the technology that is out there today, now we do all of our different grading sheets and we do all of our different grading video cut ups. We have all been able to share those. There will even be meetings here tomorrow on their day off, which is a normal day off. That is good to see that the guys want to get better and that they enjoy each other. That is what good teams do."

On if it has been a challenge to get the players to focus on the now, given adversity faced this season and comments about it being a new team:

"It really has not been. To their credit, they have taken ownership of that. That is something that basically I have said since I walked into the building. Since we have had to go through the changes here, I think the guys have owned that. I have only had to bring it up one time to them, and that was their idea. You know that anytime that it is their idea, it is the better idea. I am very happy that they have taken that and run with it."

On the challenges bringing the 'much needed discipline' to the team:

"It really was not. I believe this and I have believed this my whole life: we as athletes, we as young men and we as grown men, we crave discipline. We want discipline. We just want fair discipline and understand that discipline signifies a lot of the things in our life. It is when all of a sudden other things slide by or other people do not have to do what other people have to do that is when things start to tear you down from the inside. For their credit, they want it that way. The fact that I can help them be that way – I want them to take ownership with it – but I have never changed anything about that. That is how I was raised. I smile and I say it all of the time, my dad and I talk every week and he still thinks I am 10 or 12 years old. That is what has gotten me through life, and that is what will get these guys through life, too."

On new elements implemented to create discipline and for players to 'crave' the discipline:

"No, basically it is – I do not want overblow it at all – I say what I mean and I mean what I say. It is about being on time, doing things the right way, not doing things halfway and doing things all of the way. That is what is needed at this level. Ability alone does not win at this level. You have to go above and beyond. When you go above and beyond in doing things the right way and doing things the best that you individually can do, then the team will get better too because everybody trusts each other."

On mentioning the team still remaining in the hunt for a playoff spot in a team meeting, as referenced in an interview with NBC Sports' Peter King, as it relates to his 'one game at a time and one meeting at a time philosophy':

"It was a way to point out the 'one meeting at a time' [philosophy] and how important it was. It came across my desk from the training staff. I will blame (Vice President, Player Health and Development) Joe Sheehan. There was a smile on my face. Joe Sheehan had seen that and brought that. The reason that it was a topic of conversation that some of the players in the training room had seen that. They had seen that stat out there. I thought, 'Oh, that is a great stat to talk about in the team meeting.' Basically, when I put it up in the team meeting is all of that stuff does not mean anything if we do not get better today and if we do not take this next game correctly. Everything is eliminated if we do not understand the immediacy of each and every day and each and every practice. It was a way to pound that in, but it was also a way to pound in in a positive way. It was a way to also let them see that we also listen to what their talk is behind the scenes. The players were talking about it, and we caught wind of it and thought that it was a good thing to go ahead and pound in what we all believe in."

On the offensive production yesterday despite low production running the ball:

"That is the great thing about the staff and the great thing about the guys on that side of the ball is they all believe that we can get better. The fun part and the good part about that is let's get better after a win. Let's be even more critical after a win. With the staff, I talked about this today and with the players, too, I am even harder after a win. After a loss, I am always hard, too. Sometimes, you have to be a little bit more recruiting. After a win, let's eliminate all of the excuses. We left some yards out on the table. We left some plays out on the table and not just on offense but on defense, too. We dropped some interceptions. We had some penalties that extended some drives. On special teams, we did not kick the ball in the right spot a couple of times. We did not contain a couple of returns. All of those things right there are ways to get better in the second half or it could have been an even more exaggerated win. Those are good things that we have to deal with today after a win, but there are things that we are not going to disguise, we are not going to sugar coat and we have to get better to be the best team that we can be."

On how he made it through the game health wise:

"I got two cuts. I have a cut on my forehead and I have a cut on my nose, but I made it out OK (laughter)."

On how the team finished the game health wise:

"It seems to be pretty good. We are still going through all of the processes today, but everybody who has been here today have been pretty good. Knock on wood, hope that continues."

On recent feedback throughout the league about the Browns:

"I can't keep up with my texts and my voicemails. That speaks volumes, too, about how everybody is taking a look at us. I have some really good people that I believe a lot in across the league and have had the chance to coach a lot of different players that are on other teams that have reached out to us and a lot of coaches that I used to coach, and now they have gone back into coaching that have reached out to me. It is not going unnoticed. They know that eventually – maybe sometime late at night when they are asleep and we are still up here trying to get better – I will return a text or two. A lot of people have reached out."

On the messages he is receiving from colleagues throughout the league:

"They are just happy. They have been with me on other rides in other places, and they are happy for the players, not for me but for the players. They understand that. They were players themselves and had to overcome a lot in their lives. Each one of them has said some really good things about our players."

On if the Browns offense currently has an element of surprise, given the new offensive coordinator, and if opponents will learn more as more tape is available:

"I hope [there is an element of surprise], so but that is day by day game by game. The adjustments, you can't wait to do it next week. You can't wait and do it the next day. You have to be able to do it series by series. There were a lot of different adjustments that took place during the game yesterday. Some of it obviously will go unnoticed but some very positive things took place, even in the second half, that we need to get corrected or need to get changed. It is what it is right now. We have been doing a good job with that, but we have to continue to improve."

On challenges game planning against offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens and the Browns multiple formations, personnel packages and play selection:

"Those are always things that challenge a defense. When you cause a defense to flinch a little bit or if you cause the defense to overthink a little bit, then maybe you have them on their heels instead of their toes. Those are some things that Freddie is very aware of. I have been able to share from a defensive perspective – I was an offensive coordinator or offensive coach too in my life – if you take a look at some of the better teams out there at the way they do things on a pace, a formation and a package of things, and we have to continue to do that each and every week and try to make the defense have to do everything they can to catch up."

On the Browns not surrendering a sack in the past two games:

"Upfront, I think our guys have done a really good job of doing their job, but more importantly or as importantly, a young quarterback understands how to help his offensive line. The best quarterbacks that have been around have to understand the timing mechanism that goes on in your head of how long you actually can hold on the ball, be it a certain type of protection or be it a certain type of a defensive look before the ball is even snapped. I think (QB) Baker (Mayfield) has done a very good job of that. I think our offensive line has done a very good job of that. I think our tight ends and our running backs have done a very good job with that, too. The protection is not just the offensive line. A large part of it is [the offensive line], but the quarterback and backs have to tune into that thing, too, and they have all done it very well together."

On former Browns Head Coach and Bengals special assistant to the head coach Hue Jackson joining the Bengals and yesterday's game:

"I mentioned all of that stuff last week. In all honesty, it is time to get on with the Texans with that stuff. Those are the things that are over and done with. Those guys respect everything about Hue, and we all do that too and I am really not even looking into that anymore."

On if OL Greg Robinson has won the LT position and his production, given OL Desmond Harrison was not active:

"He has done a very good job in week by week. I thought he played very well yesterday. I do want you guys to understand that you can have a bad practice, you can have a bad meeting and you can have a bad two days, and all of a sudden, it is time to move onto the next guy, too. Greg has done very well as has some of the other guys up there, too. Guys that are playing next to him have helped Greg a lot, also, and that group played well. I thought Greg played really well. Each week, we will take it differently by the packages of different people that we are deploying. When you see all the other people that we are deploying on offense by package by package by package, you will see why we have to have healthy scratches at times to get more guys up at other positions on what we are trying to do."

On if he saw more than 'gradual progress' from Mayfield after watching film, given his recent evaluation:

"You know what? I am going to stick with gradual. You guys are trying to get me to change the words. I like where he is going. I like the fact that every day he is looking to improve and get better. He was one of the first guys in the building today. He was also involved with his coaches on going through the victory Monday. He did not take the day off today. He was looking to get better and get on to the Texans as fast as he can. I like his gradual progress."

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