Oswald Companies #give10 with Browns Give Back partner SC4K


Oswald Companies teamed up with the Browns for an afternoon of volunteering to support Shoes and Clothes for Kids. Shoes and Clothes for Kids helps remove clothing as a barrier to school attendance in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District by delivering school uniforms, casual clothes and school supplies to Cleveland students experiencing economic hardship. This collection of items is called the Special Teams Package.

Annually, Browns Give Back supports SC4K by helping them serve 2,000 Cleveland students through the Special Teams Package program and CMSD tracks attendance for students receiving a clothing package as part of the "Get 2 School. You Can Make It!" attendance campaign. Attendance data is used to evaluate the impact of the clothing program on school attendance and shows attendance increasing between 3-24% the following month after receiving a Special Teams Package.

Shoes and Clothes for Kids is always looking for volunteers and support for the teachers and youth they serve in the community. Through the First and Ten movement, the Browns were able to provide them with just that. This week nearly 30 volunteers from Oswald Companies spent their afternoons giving back by volunteering at one of the small warehouses downtown.

Oswald volunteers were delegated to work on multiple floors of the building sorting all incoming donations and organizing items by use and season. There were pallet drivers and boxes full of books, school supplies, classroom decorations, backpacks and more lining the aisles and stacked upon shelves.

It's a teacher's dream come true.

One Oswald volunteer carefully unpackaged hundreds of primary-colored 100-sheet college and wide-ruled notebooks which she knew would be later distributed to the youth whose parents may not be able to afford it and needed it most.

She emphasized that she is happy to support an organization that gives back to youth because if it were her child, she would want someone to do the same.

Two young men on the other side of the warehouse were tasked with banding together small quantities of manila envelopes for teachers who need to send home confidential information or permission slips they don't want to get ruined.

Brand new books of all reading comprehension levels, sizes and bindings were alphabetized and placed on bookshelves to be picked up by teachers who would through to shop just hours later.

A second-grade teacher coming through could find Christmas ornaments and decoration as well as varying fabrics they can experiment with, use to sew pillows and include in further curriculum.

Finally on the third level of the building one could find the ultimate storage space. Cases of items from large box stores that couldn't sell the seasonal pieces and decided to donate. Pre-packaged classroom essentials ordered from a wholesaler that are purchased with monetary donations.

The entire operation could not be successful without the support from volunteers from organizations like Oswald who make it a priority to get out into the community to help others and promote the education of youth in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Oswald Companies encourages their staff members to volunteer for 16 hours a year. Eight of those hours being collective volunteering bringing together staff outside of the office to build comradery and eight are to be done individually.

Other groups Oswald has supported actively include the Society for Handicapped Citizens where they participate in an annual field day during the spring or summer months planning fun activities like water balloon fights and other silly ways to get the group involved and combat the warm temperatures.

During the holidays they're committed to giving back to this group home as well by providing companionship and gifts for most who don't have families to spend the special days with.

In the end it's all about giving back. Do what you can to help others. The Browns Give Back and Oswald Cares are making our communities better and inspiring others along the way to #give10 and do the same.

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