Credit Card Processing Services by Electronic Merchant Systems

Credit card transactions are quickly replacing traditional payment methods like cash. Credit card usage has continued to grow throughout the 21st century. As a result, accepting credit cards is essential if your company offers products or services online.

The Cleveland Browns know that to run a successful company, it is necessary to accept payment methods that your customers want to use. In today's fast-paced business environment, you need to be able to concentrate on essential business operations to maintain your competitive edge.

Credit card processing solutions provided by Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) can help your business accept credit cards quickly and securely.

Not only can they deliver results in terms of performance, but they may also help you save money on your credit card processing fees.

95% of business owners who completed their free rate review were able to save money on their payment processing fees. Call (216) 230-3506 to speak with their experts and see if you can save money on your fees.

Do you need to understand all the details about payment processing? Join us and learn how Electronic Merchant Systems can help you.

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Why You Need Credit Card Processing Services

Credit cards are the most common form of payment since they are convenient, secure, and widely utilized. When making purchases from you, your consumers anticipate the ability to make payments using their preferred payment method. Additionally, they want the payment processed quickly and without complications.

Being able to reliably process credit cards can benefit you in many ways. EMS is the best credit card processor since it gives your business the power to accept credit cards for online payments, in person, over the phone, or through apps. They allow you to accept the method of payment that your customers want.

Credit Card Processing Services From Electronic Merchant Systems

The Cleveland Browns consider Electronic Merchant Systems the best choice for credit card processing. Since 1988 they have been helping businesses process credit cards quickly and securely.

Through credit card processing services, EMS has assisted thousands of business owners in increasing their revenues over many decades. They have access to the most up-to-date technology, enabling them to simplify how your credit card transactions are processed.

EMS is one of the leading merchant services providers and can meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and industries. With their help, you can acquire high-quality payment processing services quickly. Call (216) 230-3506 to learn how EMS can help you get the most out of credit card processing.

Payment Processing Services They Offer

EMS can offer you the payment solutions that your business needs. Let's look at some of the solutions they offer:

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Mobile Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions

EMSmobile is a simple yet powerful mobile payment acceptance option for any business looking to get paid on the go. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, offering a card reader that connects to your device via Bluetooth. With this solution, you can:

  • Dip, tap, or swipe credit cards.
  • Create itemized or simple transactions.
  • Accept tips and manage cash payments.
  • Track and control inventory.
  • Allow multiple users at the same time

Credit Card Payments Processing

Their team can provide you with skilled payment processing services within a rapid turnaround time. EMS will enable your business to accept payments from customers using mobile devices, point of sale systems, and online payment gateways. The virtual point of sale automatically connects a compatible card reader to your business computer and allows you to accept payments.

Web Commerce

Equip your business with an eCommerce solution and allow your customers to place orders or make secure payments on the web. Plus, take advantage of advanced features designed to help you streamline your business.

Virtual Terminal

A Virtual Terminal is an interface built into a Payment Gateway. Its impressive technology empowers you to run your Gateway as if it were a credit card terminal on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Plus, the Virtual Terminal is browser-based, which means you can access this essential business tool on any web-enabled device.

Request Payment For Your Business by Text, Email, or QR Code

Paysley allows you to send secure, contactless, and tap-to-pay requests to your customers over text or email. Your personalized text-to-pay message will include instant contactless payment options for a quick and convenient experience.

  • No card readers, hardware, or special devices
  • No app download or account registration for your customers*
  • No redirect to a service provider or separate website
  • Pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or by entering in card data

Why Choose EMS For Credit Card Processing Services?

EMS's long history in the payment processing sector has allowed them to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of customers. They can quickly adapt their services to meet the needs of each given company. It would be best if you considered using EMS's credit card processing services because of the following:

Professional Staff

Electronic Merchant Systems has the professionals to help you get the best credit card processing services that will help your business.

Affordable Processing

They offer the lowest rates possible to help businesses increase profitability. In fact, 95% of business owners who receive their free rate review end up saving money.

Around The Clock Customer Support

EMS offers 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer support. Their trained staff can help you with any questions or issues that may arise.

Use Of the Latest Tools & Technologies

EMS uses some of the most recent and updated versions for its credit card processing tools and technology to offer you constant support and help. These new technologies make EMS the best payment processor to offer you several business solutions.

Customized Solutions

Do you have a unique business that needs customized solutions? EMS has the payment solutions that can help your business grow. They begin by understanding your unique requirements and tailoring their services to meet those expectations.

Partner With EMS For Your Payment Processing Needs

The Cleveland Browns know how essential credit card processing can be for your business.

Electronic Merchant Systems is one of the leading credit card processing companies. From mobile payments to online gateways, EMS has the payment processing solutions to help you.

If you want a credit card processing service that is dependable, quick, and secure, get in touch with Electronic Merchant Systems today by filling out the form below or calling (216) 230-3506.