Credit Card Processing for Auto Body Shops

If you own an auto repair company, you understand how many details must be kept in track. You know a lot goes into it, whether getting your mechanics equipped, taking care of your loyal customers, or increasing your advertising. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your payments are being processed securely and efficiently.

The Cleveland Browns believes that Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is one of the best payment processing companies around. EMS spends time with clients to provide tailor-made payment processing solutions that boost businesses' success.

This article will provide insight into everything you'll need to process credit cards, its benefits, and how EMS is the ideal Credit card processing provider for your auto body shop.

Why Accept Credit Cards As An Auto Repair Shop?

As an auto repair shop, you are undoubtedly aware of the advantages of credit card processing services. These services can increase your sales by giving your clients a cash alternative. You will benefit your clients and your company by altering how you charge. Here are a few ways that credit card processing can help your auto repair firm.

People would rather pay later

Fixing a car is expensive. A client may be unable to pay the price if the shop recommends replacing expensive components like the alternator or timing belt. This is why many consumers prefer making purchases that don't instantly deplete their checking or savings accounts.

Credit cards can provide clients additional incentives, such as travel reward points. Credit cards, as a financial instrument, can also allow you to improve your credit score. These are important reasons some people choose to use credit cards over cash or checks.

Builds credibility

When competing with other companies accepting credit cards, your failure to might negatively impact sales. Using a credit card to pay for auto repairs is a convenient and secure option for clients. Clients who don't have cash in hand may go elsewhere if they find that you don't take credit cards.

In addition to demonstrating your company's credibility, accepting credit cards makes transactions more convenient. Also, you will be able to create professional itemized invoices and receipts, giving the appearance of a well established successful repair shop.

Create A Loyalty Program

EMS also provides auto repair shops with a customized customer loyalty program and gift cards. This will encourage customers to return to your business, or refer others there.

Protect Your Customers' Payments

Securing payments from the start saves you a lot of issues later on. Customers will see that your company is established and reliable if you accept credit cards. Customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes with using a credit card verified as safe against fraud and other potential security risks. EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over ten years. Your customers payment information is safe with us.

Convenient Payment Options

Cash payments are becoming less common as people opt for more convenient digital payment methods. Many companies in the automotive repair industry prefer using credit and debit cards over cash because of their many benefits. Regardless of the transaction fees, the cards give you a competitive advantage since they are convenient. Therefore, credit card processing equipment is crucial for every business, including the auto repair sector.

An all-inclusive system

EMS has an automated payment processing system. It has features that include mobile payment solutions, online processing, mail and telephone orders, eCommerce, and wireless systems which means that your business is all set for receiving payments. This will help you save business funds and grow your payment acceptance options. EMS delivers a service that is above and beyond for all clients; if you are in the automotive industry, you should try it.

Streamline Your Automotive Business Operations with a Virtual Terminal

With a Auto Repair Company, you may need to invoice or email your customers. Make your life easier with EMS' Virtual Terminal, a simple, secure solution powered by an intuitive online back office that allows your automotive repair customers to make payments online. It is equipped with advanced features including:

  • Cloud-based, real-time transaction processing
  • Full PCI-compliance for payment security
  • Unlimited users and permission-based employee access

Custom Email Invoicing

Some customers may not be able to pay or in person, or need time to pay. Send a convenient invoice via email that can be paid online. Plus, you will be able to identify which invoices have been viewed and paid, and send receipts or reminders as needed.

Merchant Console

The Merchant Console is a cloud-based program that allows your business to perform any of the following on a web-enabled device:

  • Check email invoices
  • View transactions
  • Manage inventory
  • Run intuitive reports
  • Analyze sales trends
  • Identify repeating customers

Secure Card Storage

Our Secure Vault allows you to safely store customer card information for later use. By creating a customer profile you can set them up for future sales or billing. This will save time on future checkouts!

Recurring Billing

If you set up a payment plan for a customer who had expensive auto repair done, you can create a recurring billing plan for them. This will automatically processes their payments. All you need to do is set the schedule and then get paid without another thought!

Top POS Systems For Your Auto Repair Shop

EMS offers multiple choices of point of sale systems for auto repair shops. Depending on the size of your shop and your needs, there are options that may better serve you, but the recommended POS system would be the Countertop Point of Sale.

Whether you need a stationary terminal or the freedom of a wireless solution, EMS offers terminals designed to offer all the processing features without crowding the counter. Want even more convenience? EMSmobile allows you to process transactions right from your mobile device!

Get Your Business Back on the Road with EMS

You can see by now that your auto repair business is losing out if you don't have a modern, dependable credit card processing system that offers the best processing rates. EMS is the payment processing company you need, they offers the best processing system with the lowest fees!

The Cleveland Browns recommend you call EMS for a free consultation today to learn more about how they can help your Auto Repair Company. They provide a full suite of services, including training, to help you maximize the potential of credit card processing for your auto repair shop. Fill out the form below to get started or call EMS at (216) 230-3506.