Credit Card Processing for Bakeries

As a bakery owner, you know that running a business creates lots of decisions. One important decision is what types of payments you will accept and how. There are a lot of options for payment processing, but you need to find what works best for your business.

Many bakeries use big-name payment processors for their customers' payments, but are they the best credit card processing option? Just like you want the best ingredients for your cake, you should seek the best ingredients for your bakery's payment system.

The Cleveland Browns believes the choice is clear; Electronic Merchant Systems is the best vendor for all your credit card processing needs. They have been in the credit card processing industry for three decades and have worked with millions of businesses like yours. They offer a variety of credit card payment solutions catered specifically to the needs of bakeries. Give them a call for a free consultation.

POS Solutions To Meet Your Bakeries Needs

EMS provides cost-effective solutions that can start and grow with you. EMS offers the MaxxPay POS system, which has three options for different sizes of businesses; the MaxxPay Mini, Pro, and Premier. Each plan comes with software and hardware for whatever stage your company is at.

MaxxPay Mini

MaxxPay Mini is an all-in-one payment solution with incredible functionality and a small footprint. It is designed to take up as little counter space as possible while providing all the essential point of sale features you need. It has a fast thermal printer hidden below the touch screen to print receipts and maximize screen usage. MaxxPay Mini is an excellent fit for bakeries.

MaxxPay Pro

The MaxxPay Pro system makes getting paid easy and is always secure. Its Android operating system comes equipped with modern hardware options for optimal performance. The MaxxPay Pro comes with a 3" high-speed printer, a standalone cash drawer, and an integrated camera for bar code scanning. It can also manage inventory, pricing discounts, and tax reporting from one terminal.

MaxxPay Premier

MaxxPay Premier combines all the features of the previous two systems into a robust cloud-based solution at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Its Android operating system is paired with modern hardware options to help take your business to the next level.

With advanced features and benefits, including the ability to add a surcharge program, MaxxPay Premier could be the last point of sale solution you ever need to buy!

Your Bakery Customized

There is much more to the payment processing world than just swiping a card. Too many bakeries are missing opportunities because they do not have a customized plan tailored for their payment processing. This is where EMS is better than all the rest. They can help your bakery create and develop a complete plan alongside their software and hardware to streamline payment processing needs.

Using one of the big-name processors is like going to the grocery store for a cake. It is edible (usually, but not always), but it isn't as good as a custom cake. EMS can open up a whole world of options for your bakery.

Payment Processing on the Go

Whether you are a veteran bakery or a one-person show, mobile payment processing saves you time and gives you the flexibility to run your business on your terms.

EMS allows you to take all the different card types and even use your phone to process orders. The great thing is all the backend is taken care of for you. Your money isn't held in a large account and is paid once a month. It's delivered daily! The payment will also register in your accounting software with complete security and PCI compliance. One less thing for you to do.

Finally, EMS mobile payment processing can update your inventory counts with every transaction—no more counting and double-checking your inventory. You can always know how much of a product you have.

Loyalty and Gift Card Program

Want to build up a loyal following? Consistent customers can become the foundation of your business. Why not reward them by starting a loyalty program? EMS can help create a loyalty program for your customers to encourage continued patronage.

You can also start a gift card program encouraging people to visit your bakery. Your regular clients can give them as gifts and help expand your reach to potential customers you might not have reached otherwise.

EMS can create custom programs to help you grow your bakery and keep your customers coming back for more.

Let Your Focus Be Set Free

Your bakery is your baby. You have built it up and made it into the business it is today. You want to focus on making it the best possible by producing the best-baked goods for your customers.

Don't let payment processing headaches take away your focus. With the right merchant service provider, bakery owners like you can be free to focus on building their businesses.

EMS tailors custom solutions for payment processing needs. Contact them today for a free, no-obligation consultation; 95% of companies who do save money on credit card processing.

Let them focus on your payment processing, so you can focus on building your bakery.

Get Started With Credit Card Processing for Your Bakery

In conclusion, the Cleveland Browns highly recommend Electronic Merchant Systems to help you grow and manage your bakery so you can focus on the things you love about your business. Fill out the form below to get a free consultation from EMS or call (216) 230-3506.