Unlocking the Mystery of eCommerce Payment Processing: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners

Starting an eCommerce business can be challenging: so much to do and so little time. Payment processing can get lost in the mix with the vast array of things to do. But payment processing can mean the difference between success and failure in the eCommerce industry. The last thing you want to do is give your hard-earned profits to overpriced payment processing companies. Payment processing is a critical part of any eCommerce business, as it ensures that customers can securely and conveniently pay for their purchases.

Wondering why The Cleveland Browns are sharing content about eCommerce payment processing? It's because we understand how important it is to make it easy for customers to pay for products and services online. That is why we are highlighting the best payment processing companies, such as Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS).

Payment processing is an essential part of every online store, which makes finding an appropriate eCommerce payment processor critical. EMS has over three decades of experience in the industry and offers one of the most secure and easy-to-use eCommerce payment processing services.

They also offer multiple payment solutions for any situation and will help educate you on different ways to accept payments online. Some topics they cover are how online payment processing works, payment processors, and other beneficial things you need to know about eCommerce payment processing. If you want the best eCommerce payment processing, click here to request a consultation; 95% of companies who do end up saving money on their credit card processing.

Introduction to eCommerce Payment Processing

Electronic Merchant Systems provides excellent eCommerce payment processing services to help your online business grow and take shoppers' payments online. They help eCommerce stores accept payments online from customers through a highly secured digital platform. Three essential elements of the eCommerce processing system include;

Merchant Account

EMS makes the opening of your account stress-free. A merchant account will help you receive payments online after your customer completes the payment process on your site. Opening a merchant account is essential for enjoying smooth online payment services.

With a merchant account, you can accept payments from customers using credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods. This makes it easier for customers to purchase your products or services, and it makes it easier for you to manage your finances.

Payment Gateway

EMS offers a unique payment gateway service system. They do this by serving as a channel between the customers and your merchant account after verification by a payment processor. Payment gateways are transaction channels users see when they visit your online store page.

For example, you can control the shopper's online buying experience with a simple, clean, and straightforward shopping cart. EMS can build one into a new website or an existing website.

Payment Processor

EMS processes online payment processing works by serving as an intermediary between your online store and customers to offer safe and secure eCommerce payment processing solutions. They transmit payment details effectively between the merchant accounts, the customer's banks, and the client's bank.

What's The Difference Between a Payment Processor And a Payment Gateway

People often confuse payment processors with payment gateways. However, it should excite you that these two work together to provide a sound payment processing system while maintaining their distinctions.

The payment processor handles money transactions by debiting the customer and crediting your account. Payment Processors transmit payment details between the customer's bank and the merchant's bank, making it easy for a merchant to accept card-based transactions.

Merchants can benefit from card-based transactions by utilizing the secure connection between their bank and the merchant bank, allowing them to quickly and easily accept payments from customers without having to worry about the security of the transaction.

The features of this payment system include secure transactions, fast processing times, and easy setup, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to quickly and easily accept payments from customers without having to worry about the security of the transaction.

By accepting credit cards, businesses can provide their customers with a secure and convenient way to make payments, eliminating the need to worry about the security of the transaction.

Payments made through secure and convenient methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets provide peace of mind, as they are protected by sophisticated encryption technology, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized individuals to access the sensitive information associated with the payment, thus ensuring that the payment is secure and convenient.

A payment gateway is a link that connects the payment processor and your website. It sends the payment processors the customer's data from your website. Stripes, PayPal, and Opaya, are examples of payment gateways. Payment details are accepted directly from the payment processor, allowing the direct transfer of customer data stored on your website to the payment processor.

How eCommerce Processing Works Step by Step

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) ensures online payment processing is fast and secure. They are the best in the industry at providing excellent payment processing services. Step-by-step payment processing does the following:

Step 1

When customers come across your product or services and are interested, they enter their debit or credit card details at the checkout page to pay for the product or services they want to order.

Step 2

After providing their debit or credit card details, the customer hits the pay button, which securely transmits payment details to the payment processor. The payment gateway carries out this function.

Step 3

The payment processor sends transaction information to the credit card network to verify the credit card details. Mastercard, American Express, and Visa are examples of credit card networks.

Step 4

Authorization for funds release is requested from the customer's bank from the credit card network after successful card verification.

Step 5

If the customer has sufficient funds to complete the transaction, the card issuing bank will send a confirmation response to the credit card network to approve the payment.

Step 6

The payment processor will now request approval for funds transfer from the card issuing bank and card network. When the approval is accepted, funds will be transferred to your merchant account from the customer's bank.

Step 7

In the final step, the payment processor transfers funds to the account registered for the business.

Online Payment Processing Services

Payment Processing is a process that online stores use to complete debit and credit card transactions online successfully. EMS has offered outstanding online payment processing services successfully for over thirty years. They do this by expediting card transactions and securely transmitting transaction details from customers issuing banks to the client merchant accounts. This process helps transfer funds from the customer's account to the registered business account.

Different Online Payment Methods

There are a variety of different payment methods a customer can use online. As an online business, you want to make sure you can accept these different payment methods seamlessly. This means having an e-commerce system that is secure and reliable. You should also consider the different payment methods customers may want to use. Credit cards are the most popular, but you should also consider other options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google. Here are some of the most popular payment methods.

Credit Card

A credit card is a small plastic card implanted with a magnetic stripe linked to an account by a series of numbers. It is among the most commonly used electronic payment methods. Credit card issuer banks usually pay on the customer's behalf after usage.

Debit Card

A debit card is just like a credit card with a unique number linked to individual account numbers. The main difference between the two is that a debit card requires enough money to be stored before you can complete any transaction.


In this type of transaction, intermediaries such as Visa, Mastercard, and others are absent. The transaction is always online between one financial institution to another.

Smart Card

A smart card is a small plastic card, just like credit and debit cards. It contains a small microprocessor chip that can store customers' personal and professional information. Money kept in smart cards is deducted after each transaction.

Smart cards are safe to use because customers' information is always encrypted. They can only be accessed using a unique pin customized for each customer. The benefits of using smart cards include processing information faster and cost-friendly.

Choosing the Right eCommerce Payment Processor

When it comes to choosing the right eCommerce payment processor, the following factors are vital in deciding who should process your transaction online. Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) offers the best service because they offer;

Customer Experience

EMS always provides an unbeatable customer experience by streamlining all transaction and communication processes to make them more accessible. They provide 24/7/365 customer support. Every hour of every day, dedicated EMS staff is standing by to assist you.


EMS integrates with many different platforms, which are used to connect payment gateways to other eCommerce platforms excellently.

Fees And Pricing

EMS ensures transaction fees are reasonable for customers—95% of the companies that request a rate review save money by switching to EMS.

Unbeatable Data Security System

EMS is an excellent gateway payment method that protects customers' sensitive information and transaction details.

Get Started With eCommerce Payment Processing

EMS's eCommerce payment processing is among the most effective payment methods worldwide. They help millions of online stores process their payments online. The Cleveland Browns are proud to recommend EMS to handle all your payment processing needs successfully. If you're ready to get started with EMS payment processing services, call(216) 230-3506 or fill out the form below to get a free consultation.