How Credit Card Processing Can Help Improve Your HVAC Business

Do you want to say goodbye to the days of lost checks and paper invoices?

If you want to improve your bottom line and increase your customer base, you need cutting-edge HVAC payment processing technology to help you get paid quickly and securely.

Professionals in the HVAC industry are always on the go; whether it's to complete a work order, do a follow-up visit, or seek out potential new customers, every day is busier. There is little time left for administrative tasks when you return to the office.

What if there was a way to free up more time and eliminate some of the paperwork you have to do?

Credit card processing is more important than ever in today's fast-paced commercial environment, and it's a vital asset that can fall between the cracks.

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to spend money if they can pay with a credit card. Statistics reveal that less than 26% of customers prefer to make transactions in cash. As an HVAC company, you are missing out on a large segment of customers if you can't accept credit cards.

At The Cleveland Browns, we understand that customers prefer to pay with cards instead of cash and how important it is for businesses to be able to offer what their customers are looking for.

Modern HVAC credit card processing solutions from a payment processor like Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) can help streamline your business and allow you to offer your customers a secure payment solution.

Not only can they help streamline your business, but 95% of business owners who took their free rate review ended up saving money. Call (216) 230-3506 to see if you pay too much in credit card fees.

Keep reading to see how HVAC credit card processing can help your business grow.

HVAC Credit Card Processing Key Features

HVAC businesses need credit card processing that is simple and secure. Here are some of the features that business owners should look for.

Real-Time Processing

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to HVAC companies. Creating and sending invoices and waiting for payment is a tried and tested strategy, but it has drawbacks.

For example, the average time for an invoice to be paid is four to twenty-two days. This may become an issue if you have business expenses that are due before you get paid by your customer. EMS is among the best payment processing options for all HVAC businesses.

Mobile credit card processing solutions from EMS allow HVAC professionals to quickly collect payments and track all their transactions from a single device. With this innovative way to accept credit cards, your business can get paid quicker.

Accessibility In The Field

If your HVAC company has technicians who complete service calls and collect money at the time of service, you need a payment processor that allows your technicians to handle credit card payments quickly and securely.

Credit card processing in the field is the best method to be paid immediately when work is done since it eliminates human error, especially when handling cash. It prevents money from being lost or misplaced and can reduce theft in the workplace.

EMS allows your company to accept credit and debit card payments, Apple Pay, EMV chip cards, and other digital payments. It can even allow you to schedule automatic billing for service agreements.

Increased Income For Your HVAC Business

Some trade business owners look at some of the credit card processing fees associated with credit card payments and think it is too expensive.

However, a recent study showed that businesses with multiple payment options increased their revenue by 30%!

A 30% increase in revenue would be a significant increase for any business.

Many customers are looking for a business that offers multiple payment choices, allowing you to give your customers the option they're most comfortable with.

This also makes payments quicker for your business.

You won't have to wait for checks to be mailed to you or to clear the bank. The customer's credit card will only be processed if they have the money, and your money comes much faster.

Simplified Payment Processing

Many HVAC businesses are still going through multiple steps for billing and waiting for customer payment. This can add a lot of stress to the payment process.

When you have multiple options, payments can happen on the spot. It can revolutionize your business.

This makes the whole process easier on the customer and you as the owner.

You don't have to wait for payment or worry about paperwork. The payment happens automatically, and you can move on to the next job.

And with the increase in business, you will need a way to manage and track these transactions. That's where the Virtual Terminal and Merchant Console from EMS come in.

What Are The Benefits Of EMS' Virtual Terminal?

A Virtual Terminal is an interface built into a Payment Gateway. It empowers you to run your Gateway like a credit card terminal on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Additionally, this interface is browser-based, which means you can access it on any web-enabled device.

Each Virtual Terminal also offers innovative features to make getting paid easier.

Here are some of the benefits you will get access to:

  • Email Invoicing: If your customer had to step away before the job was finished, you can send them an invoice via email instead. This allows them to securely pay online with a simple click. You can also see which invoices have been viewed and paid via the Merchant Console.
  • Mobile Payments: Use your mobile smart device or tablet to accept payments of all major credit cards - including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. It is the ultimate mobile payment processor.
  • Secure Vault: Secure storage of customer credit card data for convenient re-use.
  • Recurring Billing: Schedule automatic billing for service agreements. Any updates will be synced to all your EMSmobile devices in real time.
  • Business Management Tools: The Merchant Console, EMS's cloud-based tool, enables you to manage your business and customer transactions. You can check the status of email invoices, inventory management, monitor all transactions, online payments, and much more.

Grow Your HVAC Business With Secure Payment Processing From EMS

The Cleveland Browns understand that accepting payments anywhere can help deliver all pro service to your customers and help you grow your business at the same time.

With a reliable payment gateway, like EMSmobile, contractors can easily accept payments as well as offer their customers the ability to pay invoices online and on the jobsite.

HVAC credit card processing from Electronic Merchant Systems gives you the flexibility to grow your business and offer the best services to your customers.

If you're ready to see how you can accept credit cards at your HVAC business, call (216) 230-3506 or fill out the form below.