Credit Card Processing for Landscaping Business

Get your landscaping business out of the weeds by accepting credit card payments.

Does your landscaping company take credit cards as payment? Many customers prefer paying with credit and debit cards. Don't wait for checks to clear or worry about customers not having cash. To get paid faster, your landscaping business should have a credit card processing system that accepts mobile, online, cash, and digital payments.

It is common knowledge that accepting credit and debit cards can ease the administrative burden of billing and collecting payments. At The Cleveland Browns, we acknowledge Electronic Merchant System's (EMS) ability to facilitate business processes by processing credit card transactions smoothly.

With the addition of EMS credit card processing control, EMS users can accept credit card payments from clients and keep their card details safe inside the platform.


What You Need for Your Landscaping Company

While there is a cost associated with accepting credit cards, the reality remains that doing so can expose your landscaping company to a larger customer base and may ultimately result in more sales. The ability to maintain market competitiveness is another benefit that is associated with accepting online payments. If a prospective customer expects to pay by credit card and compares your landscaping business to one that accepts that payment method, you will most likely lose the deal.

Credit card processing also provides you with quick and easy payments. You can avoid wasting time and energy chasing down late payers by setting up automated payments. Even if customers aren't set up for automatic payments, many still find it more convenient to pay bills online than to pull a checkbook out of a desk drawer and write a check. As an extra benefit, you won't have to worry about collecting cash or checks to take to the bank.

Customers will appreciate the ease of a client portal, allowing them to pay their accounts at their convenience. This works out well for both sides since automatic updates to the customer's account and deposits to the business bank account are provided for your convenience. Learn more about how EMS can help grow your landscaping business by calling (216) 230-3506.

Benefits of EMS Credit Card Processing to Your Landscaping Business

EMS has helped many landscaping businesses find the payment processing solutions they need. Landscapers are often moving from one job to the next and work long hours. It is essential to have a payment processing company that is reliable and offers solutions that make their businesses run easier.

Let's examine why many landscaping businesses choose EMS for their credit card processing services.

1. Faster and Secure Transactions

Having EMS credit card processing is primarily beneficial because of the safety and swiftness it brings to the payment processing environment. With EMS credit card processing, you can run fast payment transactions and manage your landscaping business's cash flow while giving your customers a more convenient payment option.

2. Minimum Costs

People might think implementing EMS credit card processing for their lawn care business is expensive. But that is not the case. While there are costs associated with Credit Card Processing, such as transaction fees, they are often well worth it.

If you are still worried about paying the transaction fees, EMS has solutions that can help. They have a surcharge program and a cash discount program to offset the fee onto the customer.

4. Enhanced Cash Flow

EMS processing payments quickly, so you have the funds as soon as possible. This eliminates the need to wait many days to put your hard-earned cash to use. Your lawn care company can have a healthy cash flow with the credit card payments quickly becoming available.

Enables Multi-tasking

Lawn care payment processing has the potential to make startups look more established. You will get an all-in-one platform that seamlessly automates all office tasks. You can use the system to create invoices, accept payments, track expenses and payments, and other smaller tasks that would have cost you much time. The payment platform ensures that you avoid the risks of missed payments for all your lawn care services.

Trim Your Spending with Electronic Merchant Systems Credit Card Processing Services

Spending time and effort on administrative tasks such as billing and invoicing wastes resources when running a lawn care service. Finding a reliable and timely merchant services supplier that can process payments is essential to your business. A reliable payment system gives you a competitive advantage.

The Cleveland Browns vouches for EMS' payment processing and virtual terminal to handle your lawn care transactions and save you time by getting paid faster for your services. There has never been a better opportunity to upgrade to a more efficient, user-friendly, and cutting-edge method of accepting online payments. EMS provides the most reliable options for accepting credit cards for lawn services, learn how they can help your business by filling out the form below or calling (216) 230-3506.