From The Dawg Pound To The Catwalk: Credit Card Processing For Pet Grooming

The Cleveland Browns know how hard it is to keep Chomps looking as great as he is. And we understand how important it is as the owner of your pet grooming business to offer your customers payment processing options that are seamless, convenient, and quick.

More and more customers are moving away from carrying cash, and if you don't accept credit cards, you could be missing an opportunity to grow your business.

It's not only essential to be able to handle credit and debit card payments, but the transaction must be as seamless and secure as possible.

Customers value the ease and peace of mind of using credit cards to pay for almost everything. Waiting for outdated equipment to process their card or if they have to wait for a cashier to give them the correct change may cause customers not to return.

You can turn your customers into raving fans using innovative payment processing products and services from Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS).

Additionally, 95% of merchants who did a rate review with EMS saved money. If you want to see if your pet grooming business is paying too much in credit card fees, call (216) 230-3506 to speak with one of their experts.

Keep reading to learn more about pet grooming credit card processing and how it can help your business.

Pet Grooming Payment Processing That Keeps You Out Of The Doghouse

Your pet grooming company keeps you so busy with daily tasks that you often feel like you're chasing your tail. As the owner, you have a lot on your plate between dealing with clients, supervising workers, and ensuring every animal is safe. A complicated payment processing system is the last thing you want to deal with.

Having a reliable and fast way to accept payments can help you keep your customers happy and allow you to serve more people. Choosing the correct payment processor can help you spend more time growing your business instead of always trying to play catch up.

The credit card processing services from EMS can help pet store owners save time and money. This streamlined payment processing is ideal for your business since it allows you to accept many payment types and improves your customer's experience.

What Are The Advantages Of Working With A Credit Card Processor For Your Pet Salon

Handling credit cards for your pet grooming business may seem daunting, but EMS has innovative solutions that are simple and effective. Here is why using EMS payment processing can benefit your business.

Innovative POS Solutions

Along with the rest of the world, the pet services industry has progressed beyond accepting cash-only payments.

EMS' simple yet efficient pet grooming payment acceptance solutions allow for faster transactions, giving you more time to satisfy your business's most precious asset: your loyal customers.

Don't risk losing clients or missing out on potential furry customers due to limited transaction options, and don't make it harder for your business to manage your financing by relying on out-of-date systems.


Fraud is an ever-increasing worry among both business owners and customers. Electronic Merchant Systems makes every effort to keep a cardholder's personal information safe.

EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over ten years.

By working with EMS, business owners can ensure that credit card processing for their pet grooming business is secure.

Complete Merchant Services

Working with a leading payment processor means increasing your chances of supplying the best service from when the customer walks into the store to when they're heading out the door with a smile on their face.

Their point of sale terminals accepts all types of payment options.

These include:

  • credit and debit card transactions
  • mobile payments
  • electronic checks (eChecks)

In addition, their point of sale solutions accepts all major credit cards.

So, whether your customers want to use swipe, chip, or contactless options - EMS has you covered.

Loyal Customers

From jumping in puddles on walks to rolling around in the mud at their favorite dog park, pups need routine washing.

So, what can you do outside of exceptional grooming services to make your pet salon the go-to destination?

EMS suggests their gift and loyalty program.

Gift cards are a great way to reach new customers and show off your services.

In addition to gift cards, loyalty programs do just as the name says; make customers loyal.

Whether you choose a point and reward system or something like "the 10th visit is free," EMS offers endless loyalty program options to fit your pet grooming business.

Pet Groomers Build Your Fan Base With Credit Card Processing From EMS

The Cleveland Browns know how much work goes into running a successful organization. Giving your customers the best experience possible is one of the top ways to grow your business. One way to do that is by offering them a quick and secure way to pay.

Payment processing for your pet grooming business should be simple, effective, and secure.

Allow pet owners to pay however they prefer, and your fan base will grow.

Call Electronic Merchant Systems at (216) 230-3506 to get innovative credit card processing for your pet grooming business, or fill out the form below.