Fast And Secure Retail Credit Card Processing For Your Business

Do you want to attract more customers? Are you ready to get rid of the cash register bottleneck forever?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, you need innovative retail credit card processing services to bring in more customers and streamline your business.

Having a streamlined operation is important to The Cleveland Browns. When you know the X's and O's, you can design your business to run optimally and give it a better chance for success. One of the ways a retail business can do this is through payment processing.

Retail credit card processing can not only help you attract more customers, but it can help streamline your business.

More and more people are switching to debit and credit cards. This means customers who don't want to carry cash for in-store transactions may not frequent your retail business. If you don't accept credit card payments or have an efficient checkout process, customers won't be coming back.

It is important to make sure that you are providing your customers with the experience that will turn them into raving fans.

Do you want more customers and to save money on your processing fees? If you do, call (216) 230-3506, and speak with an expert from Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS). 95% of business owners who complete their free rate review end up saving money.

Keep reading to see why credit card processing is important for your retail store and how EMS can help your business.

What is Retail Credit Card Processing?

Retail credit card processing allows you to accept credit cards as payment in your retail store.

Processing credit cards at a retail establishment differs from processing debit cards. Even though both entail the transfer of funds from one bank account to another, the processes are different.

A debit card will take money from the customer's bank account. However, credit cards use the issuing bank's pre-approved line of credit. The issuing bank pays the money for the transaction, and the client pays the bank later.

What Is Needed to Process Credit Cards?

There are a few requirements that must be met before a retail store can begin accepting credit cards over the counter.

You'll need a bank account for your business' finances to get started. You can open one at any bank that suits your needs.

Additionally, you will need a standard merchant account. This account serves as a "holding tank" since it is not safe to transfer money straight into or out of the bank account associated with your retail business.

You will also need a merchant services provider (MSP) or a payment processor. They will act as a go-between for you and the bank that issues credit cards on your behalf. This service provider will ensure that the money you earn from transactions is deposited into your account.

Choosing the right payment processor to work with is an important decision. You want to work with a company that is reliable and offers the services and support you need that can help you grow your retail business.

What Kind Of Equipment Is Needed For Credit Card Processing?

To handle payments in your store, you'll need credit card processing equipment that matches your business.

Depending on your retail business and how it operates, you may need to accept mobile payments. This could require additional equipment like EMSmobile.

This is a powerful mobile payment option for any business. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, offering a card reader that connects to your device via Bluetooth. With this solution, you can:

  • Dip, tap, or swipe credit cards.
  • Create itemized or simple transactions.
  • Accept tips and manage cash payments.
  • Track and control inventory.
  • Allow multiple users at the same time

While mobile payment processing gives retail shops the flexibility to accept payments where your customers are, you will more than likely need a credit card terminal to accept payments in your brick-and-mortar store. You will need something like MaxxPay Premier. This point of sale (POS) system offers a cloud-based solution at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Its Android operating system is paired with modern hardware options to help take your retail business to the next level.

With advanced features and benefits, MaxxPay Premier could be the last point of sale solution you ever need to buy. With MaxxPay Premier, you'll get benefits like:

  • 15.6'' LED touch screen; flip for signature
  • 2x16 character display
  • 3" high-speed printer
  • Integrated card reader (accepts swipe, chip cards, and mobile wallets)
  • Built-in 5 bill, 6 coin cash drawer
  • 1D and 2D barcode scanner
  • Inventory Management: including physical counts, item alerts, quantity tracking, and more.

Using EMS as your merchant services provider can provide you with the necessary equipment to succeed. From credit card terminals to a virtual terminal, they make it easy to receive payments from customers in person, online, and even on the go using their smartphones. EMS credit card processing terminals are Wi-Fi enabled and EMV-ready, which lets you take the following payments:

  • Apple Pay (iOS)
  • Contactless payments (tapping the card)
  • Debit cards
  • Google Pay (Android)
  • Major credit cards, like American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

It's important to choose a payment processing company with the equipment that has the ability to help your retail business now and can help set you up for future success.

See What EMS Can Do For Your Retail Store

The Cleveland Browns understand that retail store owners have a lot on their plate. From greeting customers to fulfilling orders, managing inventory, balancing the books, and much more, we know your work days are full.

You need a payment processor with experience and intuitive payment processing products to help you.

For over 30 years, EMS has been helping retail business owners accept payments securely and quickly.

They can offer you tools that can optimize the way you get paid and simplify processes like inventory management and accounting.

EMS also offers:

  • Point of Sale Systems: This allows you to process all forms of payment, efficiently manage inventory, run essential reports in minutes, and more.
  • Gift & Loyalty Card Program: This can help attract new customers with a gift card and use your loyalty program to turn them into your biggest fans.
  • Wireless Terminals: This can allow you to accept all payment types, including EMV chip cards and contactless options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

EMS has worked with thousands of retail business owners over the past 30+ years and knows that every retail store is unique. That is why they offer innovative payment solutions that can be configured to your retail store's precise needs.

Whether you need to manage and accept payments across multiple store locations, fulfill orders online, or even accept credit cards on the go, Electronic Merchant Systems can help.

Call them today at (216) 230-3506, or fill out the form below to see how they can help you get started with some of the leading retail credit card processing services.