Credit Card Processing for Sandwich Shops

Sandwich shops and delis are all about providing customers with delicious food and an overall great experience. ​​In addition to fresh food, customers are always excited about the deli's extensive menus - including a wide variety of sandwiches, sides, desserts, drinks, and more. With so much on your plate as a sandwich shop owner, you need to look for ways to make your customers' experience as easy, convenient, and fast as possible.

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth ordering experience is by streamlining your payment processing. When it comes to streamlining your deli's payment processing and merchant services, there is no better option than Electronic Merchant Systems. The Cleveland Browns are proud to recommend EMS as a leader in the payment processing industry for sandwich shops and delis. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, they work closely with small businesses like yours to ensure long-term payment solutions that promote success.

EMS covers your deli, from the top point of sale systems to mobile payment processing solutions to customized gift cards. With over 1,000 Google customer reviews, it is clear that EMS can help your business succeed. You can request a free consultation or keep reading to see why EMS is the perfect merchant service provider for your deli.

Top POS Terminals for Delis

EMS offers sandwich shops and deli owners a top point of sale (POS) system that is simple and highly efficient. EMS recommends the MaxxPay® Mini for sandwich shops and delis needing to process orders for customers.

MaxxPay® Mini

The MaxxPay® Mini is a point of sale solution that provides quick payment and accepts all major credit cards, including swipe, dip, and contactless options. It is built to take up as little counter space as possible without sacrificing quality. The MaxxPay Mini system has a simple LED touchscreen interface and cloud-based back-office reporting accessible from anywhere. The MaxxPay® Mini provides customers with easy access to their payment options, allowing them to quickly and securely complete their transactions, making it an ideal solution for sandwich shops and delis looking to streamline their payment processing and increase efficiency.

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

Everyone loves gift cards; your sandwich shop customers are no different. Gift cards can help you build a loyal following and keep customers returning for more. Your regular customers can also give gift cards as gifts to help you reach potential customers that you otherwise might have yet to reach.

EMS offers gift card and loyalty program solutions to sandwich shops that can increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and purchase volume. The in-house creative team at EMS will help develop customized gift card designs and support an endless number of loyalty program configurations to engage and retain current customers.

As a bonus, in 2019, almost 3 billion dollars in gift cards were never used. Think about it, every purchased gift card that is never redeemed is 100% profit for your sandwich shop!

Choose the Best Credit Card Processing For Your Deli

When it comes to streamlining your deli's payment processing and merchant services, there is no better option than Electronic Merchant Systems. They know your days are long and your to-do list is extensive. They take great pride in offering payment solutions that will make your life easier.

Their ultimate goal is to optimize, simplify, and speed up how you get paid, improve cash flow, streamline business operations, and provide the best credit card rates. EMS provides 24/7/365 customer support and has a dedicated team of customer support specialists ready to help with any challenges or answer any questions. Sandwich shop owners can request a free consultation with EMS to learn more about these payment processing opportunities; 95% of free consultations end in the customer saving money on their payment processing.

Get Started Processing Credit Cards for Your Deli

In conclusion, the Cleveland Browns highly recommend and trust Electronic Merchant Systems to process payments for your sandwich shop or deli. EMS not only has thirty years of experience in the field of payment processing but also has over 1,000 Google customer reviews vouching for their services. Fill out the form below to get a free consultation for your payment processing needs or call (216) 230-3506.