From Table to Till: How a Restaurant and Bar POS System Can Improve Your Bottom Line

As a restaurant or bar owner, you know that there is a lot more to running a successful business than just serving delicious food and drinks. You need to manage inventory, process payments, track sales, and monitor staff performance, among other things.

This can be a time-consuming and complicated task, especially if you're still using outdated manual methods or disjointed systems. That's where a restaurant and bar POS system comes in.

The Cleveland Browns know firsthand that the quality of the customer's experience is as equally important as the quality of the food and drink served. Therefore, adopting a restaurant POS solution by Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) called Total Touch will help you provide each of your customers with a personalized experience.

Always be prepared to accommodate your customer's preferred checkout methods, whether splitting a bill or maintaining a tab.

The best way to accomplish this is by adopting a POS system and staying up-to-date with changing consumer preferences.

The hardware and software that make up many POS systems enable them to handle payments made by various methods, including credit cards, debit cards, cash, smart card, and mobile. In addition to streamlining your business's administrative and reporting operations, EMS restaurant POS systems enable inventory management, sales analysis, and customer loyalty programs.

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In the past, many restaurant POS systems lacked powerful and easy-to-use inventory systems. This regrettably limited their potential growth.

However, with vast payment methods and an increase in demand for takeaways and online orders, businesses in the hospitality sector need a versatile point-of-sale system. Many small businesses and restaurants use mobile POS systems since they are inexpensive and do not need much technology.

Do you need to learn more about how a POS system can streamline the payment process in your restaurant or bar? Join us and read more below!

Benefits Of A Restaurant And Bar POS System

The best POS system depends on the sales volume and your business type. Most restaurant owners ask themselves, "how much would a restaurant POS system cost?" Well, EMS offers competitive pricing with a dedicated team that will help you find the right solution.

You should know that using Total Touch POS will enable you to accept customized payments from customers and simplify operations. Total Touch fits all bars, cafes, and restaurants of all sizes, and you can easily scale up your business from single to multiple locations.

Serve Customers Quickly

Customers' chosen payment methods should never be compromised because of the availability of many processing methods for financial transactions. Customers can seamlessly switch between several payment methods without taking further action.

With a portable POS system, your customers won't have to wait in line at the main POS terminal. EMS mobile restaurant and bar POS systems powered by Total Touch allows your staff to deliver the services to the customers wherever they are seated.

Contactless Payments

Recently, contactless payment methods have become more prevalent in the retail and service sectors, a trend that is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

An essential feature of a bar POS system is the ability to accept contactless payments, which allows consumers to make fast and easy purchases of lower values. These contactless systems include Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets.

Accept All Major Credit And Debit Cards

The checkout process can be streamlined by letting consumers use their credit or debit card. As a result, your business can attract and retain more customers and increase sales by accepting various payment methods.

Generate Detailed Sales Reports

Restaurant and bar point-of-sale systems can also provide sales data automatically. The POS system can generate comprehensive data on your chosen period by continually recording sales and transactions throughout your firm.

Therefore, using this data in conjunction with your POS inventory management tools can help you see patterns in sales based on the time of year.

Track Inventory

Your restaurant's point of sale system can double as an inventory management tool by keeping tabs on sales to reveal top sellers and supply-and-demand imbalances.

This is particularly helpful for managing fresh product stocks, as you can determine the optimal time to re-order them, so they don't go bad, all thanks to the sales data at your disposal.

Offer Gratuity

EMS' point of sale system allows them to show happy patrons appreciation of any kind. In the recent past, customers' preference for cash gratuities is dwindling as fewer individuals carry cash on their person.

Therefore, they show gratuity through the POS system when paying with a credit card or contactless payment method. That way, your customers will always appreciate your team's efforts.

Get Cashback And Build Customer Loyalty

You can increase the variety of payment methods you accept, including cashback cards and transactions. Your restaurant's point of sale system can effectively handle cashback transactions and access customer loyalty account data.

Secure And Reliable Transactions

End-to-end encryption is available on restaurant POS systems and the best bar POS systems. They protect your company and customers' personal information at every transaction stage. Your customers will no longer have to worry about security threats and credit card fraud.

A Pay-at-the-Table Experience

Many people value having a good time when they dine out. Integrating Total Touch POS system into your restaurant will help you create a quick checkout process that decreases client wait times, enhancing customer satisfaction and leading to repeat business.

The Cleveland Browns know that EMS POS systems are an effective answer for the busy bar and restaurant owners who want to cut down on wait times for their clients while accommodating their preferences in how they want to pay.

Using this method, you can take the whole system to your customers and allow them to use various currencies, divide the bill, and add a gratuity. Staff members won't have to get up from their seats to tend to the cash register, convert money, or distribute gratuities, saving precious time.

Serve Clients Swiftly With A Countertop Or Portable Card Machine

For streamlined customization, comprehensive end-to-end solutions, and the ability to take larger payments, any card machine can be readily integrated with a Point of sale system.

Since many people choose to place takeaway orders online, having a card reader that is also compatible with your eCommerce platform can help you better monitor and analyze your sales.

Payments can be made at a single, predetermined place on your property using a countertop card machine. Perfect for use in receiving money at a bar or counter in a restaurant or café. In restaurants and bigger bars, portable card readers provide a flexible payment option that allows customers to pay at their tables while seated.

Get A Customized POS Consultation For Your Business Today

Investing in a restaurant POS system like Total Touch can transform how you collect payments, coordinate sales, and handle administration in your restaurant. You can get additional features such as inventory management, menu management, a drink database, reporting and analytics, and many more for large bars. The system also helps you to reduce your customer's wait times!

You and your customers can feel at ease knowing that every bar and restaurant POS system offered by Electronic Merchant Systems is PCI DSS compliant and equipped with end-to-end encryption for secure payments.

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