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5 takeaways from Browns GM John Dorsey's mid-season press conference

We're highlighting the five biggest news items from Browns general manager John Dorsey's 25-minute meeting with reporters Wednesday in Berea.

1. Browns have begun mapping out plan for upcoming coaching search

Dorsey said he recently met with senior management to map out how the Browns will attack their upcoming coaching search. Time is on the Browns' side, and Dorsey intends to maximize it.

"We will be prepared and we are going to get the best coach possible for this organization moving forward," Dorsey said.

Dorsey said the next Browns coach needs to check off three boxes: man of character, leader and high football acumen. He didn't eliminate or confirm any potential candidates other than interim coach Gregg Williams, who will receive an interview. The Browns will not use a search firm to identify potential candidates.

"What we are doing in the process right now is we are taking in as much information as we possibly can, regardless of if it is in professional football, if it is in college football," Dorsey said. "We are going to gather as much information as we possibly can and make the best decision for this franchise moving forward."

2. The Browns' coaching opening is as attractive as any that will present itself this offseason

Before another question could be asked, Dorsey needed to put something on the record.

"This job," Dorsey said, "is very attractive."

Dorsey cited myriad reasons for this belief, starting with the passionate fan base and team's history -- both of which drew him in when he was hired as general manager last December. He then dug into the team's setup for the future -- talented players at key positions on the current roster, 11 draft picks, ample salary cap space, etc. -- and lauded owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam.

"My God, these guys here are so passionate," Dorsey said. "They are willing to invest. There has not been a thing that I have asked Dee and Jimmy [that they haven't provided] … Those are exciting things for this organization moving forward. Anybody, once they understand that, you will see that you know what? Cleveland is a good place to be."

3. Dorsey couldn't say it enough: The next 6 games are vitally important

When the Browns made a change at head coach and offensive coordinator after a Week 8 loss to the Steelers, it was done in the best interest in preserving a season that was headed in the wrong direction. After two games that have helped turn it back in the right direction, Dorsey was adamant about the importance of the team's final six games.

"Emphasize the winning, continue to coach your respective players, have players begin to develop and end the season strong," Dorsey said. "I think that is important. Let's be competitive in each and every game the next seven weeks."

Dorsey lauded Williams for the team's focus and discipline over the past two games. Practices have been more competitive and structured, and it's translated to the games.

"He has put some discipline in there," Dorsey said. "He has reduced the number of penalties, which I think is good. I think he has done a really nice job."

4. Dorsey reluctant to celebrate first draft's successes just yet

Starting with first-round picks Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward, there are reasons to be excited by a number of members of Dorsey's first draft class.

Browns players have won the NFL's Rookie of the Week award six times in nine weeks. They have two more, Mayfield and second-round running back Nick Chubb, nominated for this week's. Fifth-round linebacker Genard Avery has emerged as a reliable piece on Cleveland's rebuilt defense and fourth-round wide receiver Antonio Callaway has been a starter since Week 2.

Dorsey's excited, too. He's just not ready to throw a parade.

"They have played well, but I think that every draft is measured – to me, I have always said to give yourself three years and let's measure the draft then," Dorsey said. "If you ask each one of those recipients of the Rookie of the Week Award as you say, they will say, you know what? They have a lot more football to be developed and learned and they can be that much better. They are rookies still."

5. He's excited by what he's seen from Freddie Kitchens

Numerous times throughout his press conference, Dorsey praised Kitchens, who took over for Todd Haley as offensive coordinator two weeks ago. Cleveland's offense has been crisp and productive in its past two games, and Mayfield has been as efficient as he's been all season.

Outside of the Browns' final preseason game, Kitchens had never called plays before Week 9. Based on his conversations with coaches around the league, Dorsey expected this kind of lift from Kitchens.

"I think what he has done is he has kind of, 'OK, what are the strengths of this [team]?' What any good coordinator does is say, 'where are my playmakers? Where are my strengths on this team?' Then he begins to distribute the ball to their hands," Dorsey said. "Then all of a sudden from the quarterback position, 'what does he do well?' Then he puts him in a position to achieve success."