Football Operations

  • Kwesi Adofo-Mensah Vice President, Football Operations
  • Chris Cooper Vice President, Football Administration
  • Ryan Grigson Senior Football Advisor
  • Ken Kovash Vice President, Player Personnel Process & Development
  • Tyler Hamblin Football Operations Coordinator

Football Information Systems

  • Brad DeAngelis Director, Football Information Systems
  • Andrew Jackson Data Architect/Systems Developer
  • Kevin Lewis Software Developer, Football Information Systems
  • Zach Zelinsky Senior Software Developer, Football Information Systems

Training & Medical

  • Joe Sheehan Senior Vice President, Player Health & Development
  • Anthony Trem Physical Therapist
  • Pat Rock Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Stefan Varner Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Gordon Williams Assistant Athletic Trainer

Player Engagement

  • Ron Brewer Director, Player Engagement

Player Development

  • Chris Jones Senior Defensive Assistant


  • John Frain Director, Security
  • John Boykin Manager, Berea Security


  • Brad Melland Director, Equipment Operations
  • Jim McLaughlin Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Kory Gillissie Equipment Assistant


  • Rob Pavlas Video Director
  • Ricky Palmer Assistant Video Director
  • Caleb Studivant Video Assistant

Player Personnel & Scouting Research

  • Glenn Cook Vice President, Player Personnel
  • Dan Saganey Director, Player Personnel
  • Megan Rock Player Personnel Coordinator
  • Debra Kruszynski Executive Assistant, Player Personnel/Coaching

Pro Scouting

  • Adam Al-Khayyal Assistant Director, Pro Personnel
  • Sam DeLuca Pro Scout
  • Branden Francis Pro Scout

College Scouting

  • Shaun Herock National Scout
  • Charles Walls National Scout
  • Zach Ayers Area Scout
  • Colton Chapple Area Scout
  • Josh Cox Area Scout
  • Matt Donahoe Area Scout
  • Gerald McCully Area Scout
  • Jimmy Noel Area Scout
  • Max Paulus Area Scout
  • Dan Zegers Area Scout

Scouting Research

  • Mike Cetta Director, Scouting Research
  • Zach Wigmore Scouting Research Coordinator
  • Joe Dever Scouting Assistant
  • Scott DiBenedetto Scouting Assistant
  • Riley Hecklinski Scouting Assistant
  • Shane Normandeau Scouting Assistant
  • John Nussman Scouting Assistant
  • Michael Romanella Scouting Assistant
  • Scott Skuteris Scouting Assistant
  • Rod Streater Scouting Assistant

Research & Strategy

  • Andrew Healy Vice President, Research & Strategy
  • Dave Giuliani Director, Research & Strategy
  • Sam Schmall Football Research Analyst
  • Nate Sterken Lead Data Scientist

Logistics, Travel & Operations

  • Phil Dangerfield Vice President, Operations

Team Travel

  • Bryant Swindle Manager, Team Ops
  • Chavis Cook Coordinator, Team Travel


  • Chris Powell Head Groundskeeper
  • Neal Pate Stadium Field Manager
  • Scott Springer Grounds Supervisor
  • Andrew Bossard Assistant Groundskeeper
  • Shaun Card Assistant Groundskeeper
  • Russell Horn Assistant Groundskeeper


Cleveland Browns Foundation

  • Cecilia Kaltz Director, Cleveland Browns Foundation

Fan and Brand Development

  • Dino Bernacchi Senior Vice President, Marketing & Media
  • Chad Hockerman Senior Director, Creative & Digital Services
  • Raquel Marcelo Director, Sales & Marketing
  • Jen Leister Manager, Marketing

Creative Services

  • Chris Modarelli Director, Creative Services
  • Mark Podolak Art Director
  • Darren Zavarella Graphic Designer

Digital Media

  • Leah Archual Senior Manager, Digital Media
  • Andrew Gribble Senior Manager, Digital Media
  • Joe Hamlin Manager, Customer Strategy
  • Kaila Zegura Media Manager
  • Keely McKenzie Coordinator, Digital Design
  • Allie Raymond Coordinator, Social Media
  • Matt Starkey Staff Photographer

Content & Production

  • Paul Taylor Director, Content & Production
  • Jeff McDaniel Producer
  • Anthony Baucco Associate Producer
  • Rob Conroy Associate Producer
  • Drew Davidson Segment Producer
  • Jason Gibbs Radio Producer
  • Keith Mollohan Associate Producer
  • Ricky Soinski Post Production Manager
  • Nathan Zegura Senior Media Broadcaster

Scoreboard Operations

  • Kyle Millen Director, Scoreboard Operations
  • Rich Hanchette Motion Graphic Artist
  • Renee Arko Coordinator, Scoreboard Operations
  • Sean Olivier Producer, Scoreboard Operations

Fan Experience & Special Events

  • Carlos Oseguera Senior Director, Fan Experience & Special Events
  • Corey Kinder Manager, Fan Experience & Special Events
  • Shelby O'Brien Manager, Fan Experience & Special Events

Finance, Accounting & Legal

  • Gregory Rush Vice President, Finance & Administration
  • Ted Tywang Vice President, General Counsel
  • Dave Goessler Director, Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Laurie Rice Director, Finance
  • Marikka Pretz-Anderson Manager, Legal Affairs
  • Pamela Smith Manager, Accounting
  • Monica Lince Manager, Business Operations
  • Sue Majewski Payroll Manager
  • Donna Podolak Executive Assistant

Business Analytics

  • Joe Moeller Director, Business Analytics
  • Erica Mangino Manager, Business Data Science
  • Sabina Skolnik Manager, Business Application Development & Data Architecture
  • Mark Smith Sales and Marketing Systems Manager
  • Randy Valentine Coordinator, Business Intelligence


  • Matt Srodek Director, Berea Facilities
  • Jess Brooks Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Chris Cola Coordinator, Berea Facilities
  • Casey Thompson Coordinator, Shipping & Receiving

Information Technology

  • Brandon Covert Vice President, Information Technology
  • Cory Blessing IT Support Specialist
  • Jud Covert Systems/Network Engineer
  • Trexler Hull IT Support Services Manager
  • Paul Knopp IT Security Engineer
  • Jeff Patton Network Manager


  • Dan Murphy Director, Football Communications
  • Rob McBurnett Director, Community & Corporate Communications
  • Mike Annarella Coordinator, Communications
  • Dom Page Coordinator, Communications


  • Kevin Mack Alumni Relations

Community Relations

  • Jenner Tekancic Vice President, Community Relations
  • Darrell Taylor Director, Youth Football
  • Bridgette Givand Coordinator, Community Relations

Corporate Partnerships

  • David Safer Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
  • Rob Parker Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
  • Bridget Kakos Director, Partnership Activation
  • Sean Othen Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Lindsay Strauch Senior Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Vanessa Bryan Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Jessica O’Rielly Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation
  • Nicole Willis Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Marina Dieker Coordinator, Partnership Activation
  • Cory Gilman Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation
  • Meredith Schuerger Partnership Development Analyst

Suite Sales & Service

  • Sharon Smith Manager, Suiteholder Experience
  • Emma Ryan Coordinator, Suite Sales and Service

Ticket Sales & Service

  • Bob Sivik Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Paige McCort Sales Coordinator

Membership Services

  • Taylor Laurer Senior Director, Membership Services
  • Zayna Ibrahim Manager, Membership Services
  • Brian Gross Senior Membership Services Representative, Premium Clubs
  • Iman Warren Senior Membership Services Representative, Premium Clubs
  • Blake Adkins Membership Services Representative
  • Tare Beaver Membership Services Representative
  • Lorenzo Costanzo Membership Services Representative
  • Sam Grabinski Membership Services Representative, Premium Clubs
  • Briana Harris Membership Services Representative, Premium Clubs
  • Jack Heidenthal Membership Services Representative
  • Maximo Meggitt Membership Services Representative

Ticket Operations

  • David Lee Director, Ticket Operations
  • Jason Decker Manager, Ticket Operations
  • Lexi Norton Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Premium and Season Ticket Sales

  • Mike Judge Director, Ticket Sales
  • Austin Pavilack Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Maranda Hoffman Premium Sales Representative
  • Miguel Pimentel Premium Sales Representative
  • Paul Rini Account Executive
  • Sarah Stockford Account Executive

Stadium Operations & Maintenance

Stadium Operations

  • Troy Brown Vice President, Stadium Operations
  • Brad Mohr Director, Stadium Operations
  • Mike Good Manager, Stadium Operations
  • Karlie Sustersic Coordinator, Guest Services
  • Clete Diener Coordinator, Stadium Operations
  • Chris Justik Coordinator, Logistics & Special Events
  • Omar Jufko Manager, Stadium Security


  • Don Husted Director, Stadium Facilities
  • Aeriel Garcia Stadium Maintenance
  • Jerry Ray Engineer
  • Kimer Rogers Engineer
  • Joshua Shur Engineer
  • Chris Stanley Stadium Maintenance
  • Jennifer Lawlis Engineer