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White Facemask

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Browns return the white face mask beginning with the 2024 season

Cleveland wore the white face masks from 1975-95 and 1999-2005


The Browns are bringing back a piece of their storied history with the 2024 season, as the helmets will once again feature the white face mask.

"We are excited to honor our storied history through the return of the white face mask," Cleveland Browns Partner JW Johnson said. "As we continue to write the next chapter of Browns' history, we reflect on different eras, such as the Kardiac Kids and the return of the franchise, that led us to this place in time."

From 1975-1995, and again from 1999-2005, the Browns' helmets featured white face masks. They were associated with the Kardiac Kids and the AFC Championship era of the Browns.

The team had success in the first stint with the white face mask from 1975 until 1995. In 1979 and 1980, quarterback Brian Sipe led the Browns to a series of last-minute wins, engineering the nickname of Kardiac Kids.

Then when Bernie Kosar was drafted in 1985, the Browns went on a successful stretch in the late '80s. Cleveland had eight playoff appearances during that period, as Kosar led the team to three AFC Championships in the late 1980s. It is also tied to the Browns return as an expansion franchise in 1999, making a playoff appearance in 2002.

In each of those seasons, the Browns' primary logo featured the orange helmet with the white face mask. The Browns featured the white face masks twice in the last two seasons, once in the 2022 season in Week 15 against the Ravens, and in Week 11 against the Steelers in the 2023 season. Now, the logo will once again reflect the helmets worn on gameday.

"We heard our loyal fans and are thrilled to see the white face mask featured on the Browns' helmets beginning with the 2024 season and beyond as we continue to write the history of our franchise," Johnson said.

Riddell designed the Cleveland Browns primary helmets for the 2024 season that features the white facemask. Take a look behind the scenes at the process of designing and building the helmets.