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For Jarvis Landry, winning trumps all

Jarvis Landry views himself as one of the best receivers in the league, and his constant record-setting reception pace supports his claim. 

But while the Browns offense has exploded, Landry has been relatively quiet. Cleveland's offense, led by new coordinator Freddie Kitchens, has created opportunities for Landry's teammates, but Landry's role hasn't been depended upon as much as he was during the first half of the season. The Browns have won their last two games with Landry seeing the ball less (five targets each game) than he has since 2016. 

It's quite the dichotomy for the three-time Pro-Bowler. 

"I am a competitor, I want to do my part," Landry said. "I do not want to be one of those guys that came here and got a check and did not earn it. I want to earn my check to some degree. But at the same time, it is translating into wins. For me, that is what is most important."

Winning is all that matters to Landry but Landry understandably wants to play more of a part in those wins. Part of the reason for his peace of mind is his belief that his opportunities will return. 

That trust is a two-way street. Landry believes he'll be targeted more eventually; Kitchens believes Landry won't make a fuss about the targets. So far, so good.

"I do not think it is a problem," Kitchens said. "Jarvis understands that there is progression in routes, and progression in reads and if he is covered, somebody else is open. Ultimately, it is about winning."

That's the sentiment echoed throughout the locker room, and it's not like Landry isn't contributing to these wins. Even when Landry's not being targeted, he's commanding attention, often from the opponents' best defensive backs. 

He's also the most experienced receiver on the Browns' roster. He leads his young position mates in everything they do. Coach Gregg Williams mentioned that Landry accepting a lesser role is helping the Browns break out of tendencies and catch defenses off guard.

The results deserve no explanation. The Browns offense is peaking over the last few weeks. It's good for the offense as a whole for Baker Mayfield to complete passes to so many different receivers. It's good to feature multiple weapons for defenses to worry about. And it's impossible not to notice how much better the Browns have looked while sharing the offensive glory.

Landry believes the big plays will come. Maybe this stretch of reduced targets will even play a part in his resurgence. 

"To have a good view about it, everybody else making plays — it's gonna come a time where defenses are gonna have to respect everybody," Landry said. "Then I can get my matchup that I want and make the plays."