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Gregg Williams ready to roll with the punches as Browns begin head coach interviews

Gregg Williams treats every day like a job interview and tells his players to do the same. 

Over the past nine weeks, Williams crushed his daily interview, winning five of his eight games as the Browns interim head coach. The players rallied behind him. 

Come Tuesday, he'll need to repeat that success in his formal interview. But as one reporter asked Williams after Sunday's game, what can Williams convey in that interview that he didn't during his tenure as interim coach? 

"You're right," Williams responded during Sunday's press conference. "What question are you gonna ask me that I haven't already shown? We'll see."

Williams impressed general manager John Dorsey with his interim stint, but Dorsey's evaluating coaching candidates on a wider scope. He said Monday he wants to know Williams' long-term vision for the franchise, how Williams can make that vision a reality. He also wants to compare Williams' vision with those of other candidates.

Williams, confident in his abilities, has no reservations over any intellectual sparring.

"Don't ever, ever worry about me being afraid to compete," Williams said. 

Williams owns the experience advantage over basically every candidate. He's coached in the league for 30 years, and he's the only candidate that's ever coached this version of the Browns. 

And he certainly sounds like he wants to stay. He voiced his love for the city and people of Cleveland during his Sunday press conference before reflecting on fond memories of his time as a visitor at Cleveland Browns Municipal Stadium. He said he loved his players and he's proud of their progress. He even said he'd be willing to stay on as defensive coordinator if he isn't named head coach. 

As of Sunday night, though, Williams has no control over what happens next. All he can do is prepare for his interview.

"This is the life of an NFL coach," Williams said. "And you've got to be able to understand that and do the best you can and get on to the next game, get on to the next place (if necessary)."