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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 11/8

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"Another week, another opportunity for our football team. The guys were outstanding today in our meetings and on the practice field – worked hard, a lot of energy and excited to be playing again. Playing against a good team in Detroit, in Detroit. Obviously, they came off a huge win on Monday night in Green Bay. I think they have a very talented football team. I have a lot of respect for their head coach. He is a really good coach and they are doing a good job, and obviously, they are playing for something. They are chasing something and we get that, but we are, too. We have an opportunity to go on the road and play a game. Another opportunity for us. Our players, again as I said, walked in this building with the right frame of mind the last several days getting ready to compete and play and see if we can put some of our challenges behind us and go win a football game. We know it will be tough playing on the road, playing against a team that I think is playing good right now. We have to go play our best football game, but I think we are very excited about the opportunity."

On his message to WR Josh Gordon yesterday when they met:

"I was really impressed sitting across from Josh and talking to him. It was different than the time a year ago when he was back during the summer. I saw a young man who was a lot more mature, who understood exactly where he is and what he was trying to accomplish and do. We touched several different subjects, and I will keep that between me and him. I was very pleased with where Josh was. He looks in tremendous shape, and there is a different look in his eye. I am excited that he is here."

On how Gordon can work to earn the trust of the team and his teammates:

"I think you said it, I think you earn it every day, but I think we have to give him the opportunity to earn it, too. It is a two-way street. We also have to earn his trust and him sharing with us the things he has been through. I think it goes both ways, and I think he gets that. I think over time it will show itself where we are, but we are going to support him and we are going to give him every opportunity to do the things that he needs to do to be a part of this football team."

On if he has been able to develop the ability during his career to know when players are not being truthful for the player's benefit:

"I normally can spot those people pretty quickly. I don't think he is [being untruthful], if that is the question you are leading to. I don't think by any stretch that this Josh Gordon who I have spent time with the last day or so is in that thought process. I think he has had his butt kicked up over his shoulders quite a few times and that has been his doing, and I think at some point in time you mature and you understand what you need to do to accomplish your goals and to just be better. What I see is a guy who is grateful for the opportunity to be back here, grateful to have the opportunity to be in the National Football League and more so than that wants to do better, have a better life and have a better opportunity in life. That is what I see."

On how he will ensure Gordon is doing what he needs to do and support him or if it is more on Gordon individually:

"It starts with him. He is a grown man and so we are going to treat him that way, but we are going to do everything we can to support him. The things that he needs from us, we will do everything we can within the rules that the National Football League allows us to do to support him that way and that is what we have to do. He knows my phone is on 24-7, and that is not just with him but with all of our players. I just think that is one of the huge keys. If you know that somebody is going to be there for you and going to help you through whatever, you have a chance of making it. We wish the best for him, and we want him to make it. Obviously, I think he does too this time."

On what Gordon is doing to prepare to play football again, given he cannot practice yet:

"He is in the building. Obviously, he is in our meetings and then he spends a lot of time with our strength and conditioning coach. He goes through that process, but then he is also going through the plays away from us so there is a scripted play so he can get back into that mood of understanding hearing play calls and where to line up and all of those things. Obviously, he is not out there with his teammates practicing because that is not what he is allowed to do, but he is doing everything else that you can do to prepare himself so when he can get back out there, he will hit the ground running."

On saying he needs to feel 'comfortable' with Gordon not trying to talk himself out of playing in Cleveland and where he is at with that:

"Very comfortable, very comfortable. I don't think that is the case at all, and I felt that way too prior to that when I was asked and I am even more secure in saying that to you all."

On OL Joe Thomas coaching today:

"Coach Thomas? Coach Thomas has a lot of experience, doesn't he? It is a lot of fun having him out there. Joe, as I keep telling you guys, is a huge part of what we do in not just we wish he was out there for us, but the players, he is a mentor to a lot of these guys in a lot of different ways. Having him out there and having him be involved is huge. As I asked him earlier in the week, I wanted to make sure he is traveling with us, going on the road and being part of this because this is still his team. Having him around and having him want to be a part of that is very important to me, to our players, to our staff and to all involved."

On what coaching players at practice weeks after having season-ending surgery says about Thomas:

"I think he misses it. Again, Joe Thomas is a football player. This is all he has ever known. The guy hasn't missed many snaps (laughter). He hadn't missed any snaps until this happened so that is what is in his blood. He is a football player by trade and a mentor and a coach when he is not. I think it is hard to let that go. He is invited to anything we have. He knows that. He can run the meeting if he wants. As long as you give him the right information, we are all good."

On if Thomas will travel to Detroit:

"I have asked him to. I'm sure he will. He can do that."

On if Gordon can catch passes from QB DeShone Kizer after practice per NFL rules:

"No. That part of what he does is away from the football team. He is inside in the indoor doing whatever he is doing running the routes. I don't think anybody is throwing to him. He can get away from us and maybe himself go catch on the jugs machine and those type of things, but we can't have any type of contact with him physically that way doing the physical things that we do on the practice field."

On if Kizer seemed any different at practice today following the bye and discussions of a trade for a QB:

"No, he practiced well. No, not at all. I said to you guys and I had a very brief conversation with DeShone. I am always very honest with our players. I don't sugarcoat anything. At the end of the day, the most important thing is nothing changed so here we go. You go back and you play and you can't worry about those things. I don't want players worried about those things anyways. You shouldn't be. You have a job to do and that is all you can control. You have to let everything else take care of itself."

On if there are new concepts to implement with Kizer in the second half of the season:

"Yeah, there could be some things that we do a little different. I thought we were making strides in some areas the last several weeks. We have to continue to do so, but there are some things we will try a little different just to see if we can spark this offense a little more. We have to score more points. Let's just be honest, we do. We have to find a way to get the ball in the end zone a little more to have a chance over the next eight weeks."

On how he views WR Corey Coleman, provided Coleman said he views himself as a leader yet has broken team rules this season:

"You said what Corey said. I like Corey. As I said, those things that happened, they are behind him now. He has paid his dues as far as that is concerned, but leaders have to do the right things at all times. I think he gets that. That is the message that has been relayed to him. You can't do it sometimes. You have to do it all the time. I think he gets that. I think he was embarrassed that it happened. I think he has asked for forgiveness from his teammates, and I think we are moving on from it."

On if Coleman has to 'grow up':

"Absolutely. We have a lot of young guys that have to continue to grow up and become players in the National Football league and understand that this is professional football, that you have to be professional at all times. That is what it means and that you handle your affairs on the field and off the field the same way with class and the way the organization wants you to do it. That is part of my job is to teach that because there are so many young guys and our coaches' jobs and our organization's job. I think we are doing that. Knock on wood, we haven't had a ton of problems that way because I don't like dealing with them. Our players know that. We are not going to deal with them. If we do, we will deal with them swiftly and get it behind us."

On expecting a change in officiating after multiple fights occurred in the NFL last weekend and reminding players to keep their composure:

"I'm sure the officials want to keep those things down, and we do, too. That is not what our league is about. Our league is about playing the game. We are not looking for chokeholds or guys hitting people in the back or any of that. Those things are not what this league is about. I'm not going to speak for the other 31 head coaches, but I'm sure all of us are sending a message to our players. We have to handle that part of it the right way. We don't want the game to escalate into that. That is not a good look obviously for any football team, and it is not a good look for the league."

On if he feels good about all of the injured players returning:

"I do. They were out there practicing. I will know more after I leave you guys and talk to the medical staff, but I do feel do. IC (DB Ibraheim Campbell) today did pull his hamstring a little bit so we will see exactly where that is. We did have one guy today have something come up so we will work through that and keep going."

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