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Need to Know: Browns looking for 1st road win and more during travel-heavy final stretch

Damarious Randall was a rookie in Green Bay the last time the Browns won a road game. 

Now, he's a member of a Browns team trying to end another ugly streak: 25 straight road losses. The main reason for the streak is the Browns haven't played well enough regardless of venue. But everyone vies for home-field advantage in the playoffs. Most teams have better records at home. What's so tough about playing on the road? 

"I do not think it is tough," Randall said. "I think that the game is played the same, other than that the crowd is going to boo every time that you are going to make a play … But that is what home fans are for. We definitely are looking forward to getting our first of many (road wins) to end the season now."

There certainly will be plenty of opportunities. Four of the Browns' final six games are on the road, starting Sunday in Cincinnati.

"We talk about those types of things, too, when needed yes, and we talked about already today that the most important game of the final six is this week," Browns coach Gregg Williams said. "But we are on the road and we talked about things that they are important on going on the road and the focus we have on the road."

-- Browns general manager John Dorsey said he is looking for growth in these remaining six games, a subjective curve on which to grade. But Randall has a more measurable goal in mind: making the playoffs. 

"We have been in a lot of games this year," Randall said. "We can finish this season strong. We can make a really good push at a playoff spot."

It's still mathematically possible. If the Browns win out to finish the season, they'll finish 9-6-1. The current 6-seed in the AFC is the 5-5 Ravens, whom the Browns play to finish the season. And Randall is correct; the Browns have lost three games by three points and tied once this season. That luck is bound to flip. 

The players have been talking playoffs since training camp. But as long as it's possible, why not shoot as high as you can? Randall had at least one supporter in the locker room. 

"If you don't believe that we can make a playoff run, then you're on the wrong team," defensive back T.J. Carrie said. "We all have that feeling. We can do something very special."

—The bye week treated the Browns well. After enduring 10 straight weeks of football violence, the Browns rested their minds and bodies last week. 

Williams said the Browns haven't been this healthy since training camp. Randall, who's dealt with a variety of injuries this season, said he feels as good as he has since Week 1. 

For weeks, the Browns were the team with a health and rest disadvantage. For the final six weeks, they'll have the advantage.

"The practice was energized," Williams said. "The meetings were energized. There was a good focus."

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