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Need to Know: Punting Colquitts to square off for 13th time when Browns host Chiefs

This Sunday isn't just Browns-Chiefs. It's also Colquitt Bowl XIII.

The brothers Colquitt will face each other Sunday for the first time since Browns punter, Britton, left the AFC West in 2015. Britton wants to root for his brother to punt well but doesn't when it's against his return team. 

That begs the question: Which Colquitt is the better tackler? 

"We're both not good tacklers," Britton said. "He's made a few more than I, but he's also had to have some surgeries after." 

Pro Football Reference gives Dustin an 8-2 lead in career combined tackles. But he has played five years longer than Britton. Couple that with Britton's anecdote about Dustin needing shoulder surgery after tackling a Jacksonville returner in 2009, however, and the gap shrinks. 

"He's getting old," Britton said. "You can tell. He's kind of waddling off the field. He doesn't want any of that."

—The NFL is on pace for its highest scoring season ever. Collegiate offensive concepts have infected the NFL, which, coupled with a rule change here and there, have produced numerous high-scoring affairs. 

Gregg Williams said Thursday that Chiefs coach Andy Reid saw this change coming before anyone else. 

"Andy I think was ahead in our league many years ago," said Williams, Cleveland's interim head coach. "From the time he first went to Kansas City he was starting to (implement spread concepts) with the people he had there with (Redskins QB) Alex (Smith). He was already doing some of this stuff there."

Now Williams has to stop the machine that Reid built and quarterback Patrick Mahomes has seemingly perfected. The aggressive Williams' solution to this challenge is the same as his solution to most: blitz. 

"If you can't one-on-one and not pressure as much and affect the timing that is going on with the quarterback's head, then you have to bring another one," Williams said. "You have to bring another one so that the quarterback is blocking someone that is not blocked."

Also of note: Williams said the Browns' playbook features plays from Baker Mayfield's Oklahoma playbook, and has done so dating back to Tyrod Taylor's tenure as starter. 

—Nick Chubb didn't know Ryan Lindley played in the NFL before the two met.

And that's fine, no glaring omission of football knowledge there. Lindley only lasted three seasons in the league, started six games and is best known for starting a playoff game for the Cardinals — under then Cardinals quarterbacks coach Freddie Kitchens — after injuries knocked out Arizona's starter and backup.

So what made Lindley the right fit to coach Cleveland's running backs while Kitchens shifts into the offensive coordinator role?

"I know what (Lindley's) beliefs are, and they align with mine and in the middle of the season, you can't really go to grocery stores," Kitchens said. "Ryan and I are aligned in a lot of areas in our thoughts, and the way we interact and treat players, talk to player and things like that. I know he will work his tail off and other than that he was available."

-- Wide receiver Rashard Higgins (knee) was back at practice for the first time in three weeks. He was considered a limited participant.

Defensive back Damarious Randall (groin), linebacker Joe Schobert (hamstring) and center JC Tretter (ankle) did not participate in Thursday's practice.

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