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Need to Know: 'The 2018 Browns' unfazed by team's recent history at Pittsburgh

It's been a while since the Browns won at Pittsburgh. They last won at Heinz Field in 2003. They last won the season series against Pittsburgh in 1988. 

And what about the team's overall road losing streak, which dates back to October 2015? What gives this team the confidence to break three streaks at once? 

Jarvis Landry isn't thinking about any of those numbers.

"We are not focused on that," Landry said. "We are focused on going in against a division opponent and winning the game."

It's easy for Landry to brush off past Browns failures. He wasn't there; he didn't suffer through the losses. Neither did Damarious Randall, but both have been reminded of them all week. 

How old was Randall when the Browns last won in Pittsburgh? He doesn't care. 

"It'd just make me a 26 year-old," Randall said of the significance behind breaking the losing streak. "This team has nothing to do with the past history of teams. Obviously, the history is still here. But at the end of the day, this is the 2018 Browns."

—The 2018 Browns won't be surprised by James Conner this time. 

They have six games' worth of film on Conner entering this week's matchup, not to mention four quarters and an overtime period against him firsthand. 

Leading up to Week 1, the Browns weren't even sure who Pittsburgh's starting running back would be. 

"Earlier in the year, it was the whole, 'Is Le'Veon (Bell) coming back? Is Le'Veon not?'" linebacker Christian Kirksey said. "Now, (Conner) has taken on that full starting role." 

Bell still hasn't returned to practice. The Browns know Conner quite well by now. And while Conner still presents challenges, the Browns are better prepared to stop him. 

"We know what to expect," Browns coach Hue Jackson said. "It is not walking out there for the first time playing against a guy sight unseen or anything like that. We know that this guy is a really, really good football player."

— Greg Joseph has never kicked at Heinz Field before, which would typically be cause for concern. Heinz Field has historically tortured kickers with swirling winds. 

But after reaching out to kickers around the league, Joseph learned that stigma is outdated. Joseph's research yielded that new bleachers have cut down on the wind, thus putting his mind at ease. If the field conditions are good, they told him, he should be fine. 

Rain is in the forecast for this weekend in Pittsburgh, but Joseph isn't worried about that, either. 

"I'm not worried about it," Joseph said. "I'll worry about that challenge when we arrive."

— Since his fourth-quarter touchdown against the Saints in Week 2, Antonio Callaway has struggled. 

In the five games since, he's caught 13 passes for 119 yards, which is just 38 more yards than he tallied in the Saints game alone. The Browns hoped their talented rookie to produce more, but they understand he's still learning. 

"Sometimes, that is just the life of a young player," Jackson said. "Maybe this week he catches fire and catches six, seven, eight, nine balls and has a huge contribution to the team. That is always the goal every week. Just sometimes, that is not realized."

Callaway wants more touches, but he understands he needs to stop dropping passes. He believes he's open most of the time, but also believes in his quarterback to make the correct reads. 

In short, he's waiting for his time. 

"There is a whole lot of football left," he said. "My time is going to come. Just have to be patient in this league. That is it."

— Hue Jackson said he feels good about center JC Tretter (ankle) and Randall (groin, ankle) playing this week. 

Cornerback E.J. Gaines (concussion protocol), linebacker Joe Schobert (hamstring) and wide receiver Rashard Higgins (knee), however, are not expected to play.

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