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Next up for Nick Chubb and the O-line that's helped him break Browns records? 1,000 yards and beyond

In just his ninth game as a starter, Nick Chubb broke the Browns' rookie single-season rushing record. 

In terms of taking on the majority of the carries, it took Chubb seven fewer games than Trent Richardson, the previous record holder, to reach 950 yards and three fewer than the great Jim Brown to reach Brown's mark of 942 yards. 

As usual, Chubb had little to say about his performance, preferring to defer the credit to his teammates, specifically his offensive line. But his linemen know their grunt work is more valuable with a talent like Chubb running behind them. 

"Chubb's been doing a hell of a job for us," center JC Tretter said. "We want to just keep it going. We're going to get him to 1,000 (yards) next week and keep everything rolling."

Chubb needs just 28 yards to reach 1,000 for the season, a shoe-in total against most teams. But the Ravens sport the third-best run defense in the league making Chubb's quest for 1,000 more challenging.

Still, Chubb could close that gap on just one run. He's already run for 28 or more yards on five separate plays this season. His quarterback knows it's a matter of when Chubb will snap off the big run, not if. 

"You're just kind of waiting for it to happen," Baker Mayfield said Sunday.

That's how it felt when Chubb approached the rookie rushing record. He was going to pass Richardson, eventually, just like Mayfield said. But Chubb's prowess as a runner wasn't even the first thing that Gregg Williams mentioned after the broken record. 

"You see how strong he is on securing the football?" Williams asked. "I have been around a lot of guys that do not get that. Since he walked in the door, did not have to spend much time. Not only is he powerful and not only does he have good vision but just look at the instincts of protecting the ball. That is excellent."

Chubb's been excellent ever since stepping into the starting role after the Carlos Hyde trade. And while he's not one to filibuster during interviews, he did at least acknowledge that he's enjoyed rewriting the Browns' record books. 

"Oh yeah," Chubb said. "I'm having a blast."