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Todd Haley's sole focus to get offense 'as good as it can, as fast as it can'

For Todd Haley, the only thing that will be drastically different for him will be the stadium.

The Browns offensive coordinator will lead his group into Pittsburgh's Heinz Field as a visitor for the first time in his 23-year coaching career. "That's a neat thing to me," Haley said Thursday during a press conference that mostly featured reflection on the progress of Cleveland's offense and how it'd overcome some of the issues that have plagued it from thus far putting together a complete performance.

"My sole focus is on trying to get this offense to be as good as it can as fast as it can – as fast as I can," Haley said. "Everybody is on the same page. Everybody has the same goal in mind. That is to score enough points to win."

First halves, particularly the first quarter, have been an issue for the Browns offense throughout the season, but Haley said he's been encouraged by plenty from an offense that is skewing younger and younger by the week.

The Browns opened the season with a rookie at left tackle (Desmond Harrison). In the weeks since, rookies have taken over starting spots at wide receiver (Antonio Callaway), quarterback (Baker Mayfield) and, just this past week, running back (Nick Chubb). Each have had their moments -- some more than others -- and each have, at times, looked like, well, rookies.

That factor is one of the main reasons why Haley doesn't believe a wholesale shift in philosophy or tactics is necessary as Cleveland gears up for a midterm examination of sorts against the Steelers.

"We have shown enough flashes to be encouraged to not feel like this is out of line is the way I like to see it," Haley said. "I have been on teams where I said 'crap we do not have a chance.' I have not felt that way. I feel like we have a chance every single time we go out there. 

"We are a young group, we are growing and we just have to keep coaching them and doing the things we know are the right things to do and it will start to show. Maybe not as fast as everyone wants it to or obviously as fast as we want it to, but you cannot hit that panic button."

Though the Browns went without an offensive touchdown in the first quarter for a seventh straight week, Haley came away encouraged from the team's opening drive. The Browns got the ball moving with a couple of quick passes to Jarvis Landry and crossed midfield on a run by Chubb. A sack on third-and-long, though, ended the promising possession.

In the second half, Cleveland scored touchdowns on three of its five possessions and took it all the way to the 1-yard line before it was stopped on another. It was reminiscent of the second-half performances Cleveland had against the Jets and Oakland in Weeks 3 and 4, giving Haley encouragement the Browns can build off it entering a pivotal division matchup on the road at Pittsburgh.

"There have been positive plays available that have not occurred for one reason or another and we just have to keep on keeping on," Haley said. "There are going to be down times in seasons. I have been on 2-4 teams that end up being in the playoffs, 1-4 teams that are playing in big games at the end of the year. You just have to keep coaching them. Trust that what you are doing is the right thing and keep doing it. Not deviate. Not be affected by anything else.

"That is the way that it has to be. That is the way that you become a good group and a good team."