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Why John Dorsey believes Browns have one of the NFL's most attractive coaching opportunities

John Dorsey believes the Browns are reversing course from two decades of aches, pains and instability.

The Browns general manager believes he and his co-workers in the front office are the stable group Cleveland needs, calling his support staff the best he's been around. He believes he's drafted a foundation of talent that will lead to winning. The final major piece is a head coach. And for the reasons listed above and more, Dorsey believes he will interview plenty of willing candidates. 

"I think that this job is very attractive," Dorsey said. "Any future head coaching candidate, whoever it may be, he understands the fan base here – which is unbelievable. There are a lot of young talents on this team. (We) will continue to get talent. There are assets in place."

It's true. Browns fans have stood by their football team despite years of failure. Browns rookies have claimed six of the nine Rookie of the Week awards in 2018, and Nick Chubb or Baker Mayfield could claim the seventh of 10 this week. And Dorsey is far from finished adding talent. The Browns own 11 draft picks in 2019 and still rank top five in cap space despite Dorsey's series of improvements last offseason. 

But what about ownership, you ask? Dorsey has fostered a positive relationship with the Haslams, too. The Haslams gave Dorsey lead power in the coaching search, and Dorsey said the Haslams haven't rebuked any of his advances to spend. 

"I mean my God, (the Haslams) are so passionate," Dorsey said. "They are willing to invest."

The 2018 Browns are not pushing for a playoff spot like they thought they would before the season. But young talent is scattered across the field, and more is coming. The Browns have plenty of money to spend on spots they miss. 

Under Dorsey's leadership, they have a clear-cut plan, and it already seems to be working.

"(The assets) are exciting things for this organization moving forward," Dorsey said. "Anybody, once they understand that, you will see that you know what, Cleveland is a good place to be."