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10 burning questions for Browns WR Terrelle Pryor

It's hard to find anyone on the Browns roster who has had a more productive training camp than Terrelle Pryor.

One year removed from a training camp at which he was mostly sidelined because of a hamstring injury, Pryor has been healthy and thriving at a position that is getting more and more comfortable by the day. The hard work Pryor has put in since switching from quarterback to receiver last year is paying off, and it's become clear the Browns have big plans for him in 2016. caught up with Pryor after Wednesday's practice to look ahead to Friday's showdown with the Buccaneers. What was your biggest takeaway from this week's joint practices?

Pryor: I think it was a good team-building trip. I think we got a lot out of it. I think our defense had two great days, fixed some things they wanted to fix. Offensively, we had some explosive passes and explosive runs. We wanted to do a little better stuff in the run game and some stuff in the passing game as well. I think as a team overall, it just bonded us and it will help toughen us out on certain things we needed to get done. How different is the atmosphere compared to a conventional training camp practice?

Pryor: The thing I like about it, especially for our team, is it's a situation where it's not comfortable. We're staying at a hotel, we're going to three different spots. We go to the stadium to get dressed and then the field is a mile down the road. It kind of sharpens us up a little bit just as far as being in a different area, different atmosphere and all their fans. It kind of bonds us together. I really like it and I think it's going to help us. How different is this experience compared to last year, when you were battling through a hamstring injury?

Pryor: I was fighting an injury. I was injured for the whole camp pretty much. Even right now I'm fighting a little hand deal I've got going on. It's just playing through it. Sometimes you're going to get sore but I think my mind is a little better as a receiver to play through injuries and know that it's going to be a long season. Sometimes you'll get bangs and stuff like that but you've got to keep pushing. What have you learned about Hue Jackson's offense and how you fit into it?

Pryor: All I know from being with Hue in the past and the way he is as a coach and as a person, he wants to make big plays. However we can do it, he's going to make sure we do it. We have full trust in him. We really haven't let the tricks out of the bag yet. There's a lot of stuff we're not showing in preseason and practice. He still has a lot of stuff up his sleeve and we're looking forward to it. You've cited a number of mentors as the main reason why you've been able to make the switch to wide receiver. How has Al Saunders helped in your progress?

Pryor: I believe in Randy (Moss) and being around guys like Josh (Gordon) and Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, guys we played against today. Just being around Al, he sharpens your skills. He holds you accountable all day long, all practice and meetings. He really teaches you how to be a pro and how to play like a pro. I couldn't be anymore excited and blessed to be in a situation to learn from Al Saunders. It's been a blessing and an amazing experience so far. How would you say your chemistry is with Robert Griffin III?

Pryor: Chemistry is great. Robert is a guy where he's going to read the coverage and throw it to the guy that's supposed to get the ball. It's not really about chemistry. He's going great in terms of reading my body on certain routes. He doesn't really choose where he's going to go and that's how you want your quarterback to be. He's doing an excellent job. I'm definitely excited to be on the field with him and for him to be a teammate of mine. What's the potential of this wide receiving corps now that it's back to full strength?

Pryor: Explosive. That's really the only word you can use but at the same time, we're really not even opening up our plays. You watch film and see us exploding off the ball but a lot of plays haven't been designed yet. Right now we're going up against the defenses we don't know what they're going to run. When we do know what they're going to run in certain situations where it's third down or first and second down in base situations and stuff like that, that's when you can really put it on a team and design some stuff to attack them. What kind of advantage does the group get with tall targets such as yourself, Josh Gordon and Gary Barnidge on the field?

Pryor: It's big. We have to keep getting in and out of our routes. The height advantage definitely helps in terms of bodying up but you've still got to be able to have feet in and beat the defender before he sees the route you're breaking out of. We have to stay on top of that, keep on grinding and getting better and do what we're doing. It should be great. What are you looking to get out of this game?

Pryor: Just make plays. Make big plays and get a win, a team win. That's all. Every day is the same for me. I want to get better. How would you gauge your anticipation for the season opener just a couple weeks from now?

Pryor: To tell you the truth, I'm really looking forward to this Friday. I really want to get a win. Our guys have been battling their butts off through OTAs and minicamp and we deserve it. I'm really looking forward to getting better Friday and then when the time comes to play Chicago and Philly, we'll get there. My mind is really on Friday and getting better at the things I need to get better at.

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