12 burning questions for Browns QB Robert Griffin III

It's been a big week for Robert Griffin III, and that's meant plenty of time in front of the cameras conducting interviews. scored one of the last ones heading into his second start of the season. This has been about 13 weeks in the making for you to get back on the field. What's your overall feeling heading into this start?

Griffin: A lot of excitement. I'm really excited to get back out there with my teammates and try to go out there and get us a win. Like I stressed to them, it's not just about one guy. It's about us as a unit going out and executing to the best of our ability. I'll be leaning on those guys a lot, guys to be in the right spot. We're going to go try to do what we have to do to get a win. What was the toughest part about being out so long?

Griffin: As a player, as a competitor, you want to be out there playing. Your job is to play the game and when that's taken away from you, you have two decisions to make. You can either stop and throw a pity party or you can keep working. I'm grateful to have the people in my life and these teammates that kept me going the entire time knowing this might have been a far-fetched possibility but it happened. I'm prepared for it. What did you learn about yourself during this period?

Griffin: I love this team. I love being a part of a team and I love football. It's a special feeling so I'm really thankful to the guys in the locker room. I've said it 1,000 times and I'll continue to say it: Those guys don't deserve to be 0-12. What did you do to stay locked in? What was your daily routine?

Griffin: I just continued to prepare as if I was the starter and going to play. When you have to prepare that way, you take things more seriously. You pay attention to detail. Coming in at 6, leaving at 7, 8, 9 at night, sometimes 10. If that's what it takes to try to get a win and make sure you stay locked in, that's what you have to do. That's what I did. It wasn't just me. It's a bunch of guys in this building that take this job very seriously and want to win extremely bad. I'm proud to be on the same team as these guys. How has your handle of the X's and O's of this offense improved since you last played?

Griffin: You have to. An offense can change so much throughout a year. You have to stay locked in to the little minute changes here and there, otherwise when you come back in there, you'll be lost. I'm thankful for the guys, the coaches keeping me involved and allowing me to help, to keep me mentally there. Now you just go back on the field and you do it. What kind of support have you had from Cody Kessler and Josh McCown?

Griffin: They mean everything. It's the best quarterback room I've been a part of. The way guys are there for each other, it's special. No one else cares about that but we do and we've got each other's back and I know they'll be there for me Sunday. What's been your biggest area of focus on the practice field to get yourself ready for this?

Griffin: I think we've knocked a lot of those things out just making the checks and the calls and making all the throws. That's what you practice. You practice to perfect your job, not just to do it. I think Coach demands greatness out of all of us and if you don't demand that out of yourself then you shouldn't be out there on the field. It's been good to get out there and work with the guys for a full week and get in the flow of things. Was there a moment on the practice field where you said, "OK, I'm back and 100 percent."

Griffin: You've got to always have that mindset. There is no, "I'm back, look at me," type of feeling. It's just, I've got to go out here and do my job and show these guys I can get the ball to them, show the line I can make the calls and show the offense and the team that they can follow me. That's my main prerogative this entire time. I think I've been successful at that. Now it's about going out and doing it on the field. That's the fun part. What do you think of the way Terrelle Pryor Sr. has emerged in this offense?

Griffin: He's been great. He's done an amazing job transitioning from quarterback to wideout and the numbers he's put up. We definitely have a focus and try to get him the ball. We also understand we have to take what the defense gives you. TP understands that, too. He's not a me-first guy. He wants us to win games. If he catches 10 balls for 150 yards or two for 50, he's excited as long as we get that win and that's what we're going after. What stands out about the Bengals defense?

Griffin: They're very physical and relentless. They play extremely hard. Bunch of big suckers in there. I've said it all week, it will be a challenge vs. these guys. They've got great players all over the board. I've got a lot of respect for them. I look forward to the challenge. We have to go out and do what we have to do to win a game. What will it mean to play your first regular season game at FirstEnergy Stadium?

Griffin: I'm excited. I'm excited to see the Dawg Pound. It's supposed to be snowy so they can build some snowmen and enjoy a football game. I know we haven't done much to excite them over these past couple of weeks. We're winless so we want them to be there when we get that win. I'm excited to go out there. I know the guys are excited to go home and protect our house. How much comfort do you have in the snow?

Griffin: It is what it is. I'm from Texas but I've played in plenty of cold weather games in my playing career, high school, college and in the pros. It's just mind over matter. That's what it comes down to.

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