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12-year-old Browns fan, pediatric cancer survivor to introduce team's 1st-round pick 

Fletcher Rollinson, a 12-year-old who has been bravely battling a rare brain tumor, will deliver a special video message before the Browns' first-round pick is announced. 

"I am so excited to help announce a Round 1 selection for the Cleveland Browns during the NFL draft," Rollinson said. "I have followed this team for a long time and the Browns have been really supportive of me during my treatment."

Rollinson, who hails from the Greater Cleveland area, was first diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in July 2019 and completed treatment this past March. Rollinson made a connection with Jarvis Landry and other players when he visited the team facility in September and again in November when he attended the Browns’ win over the Dolphins last season

Landry wore a bracelet Rollinson gave him throughout the season and returned the favor before the Dolphins game, providing Rollinson with some of his receiving gloves. Rollinson then got to watch Landry have one of the best games of his career, as he caught 10 passes for 148 yards and two touchdowns in the romp over his old team.

Landry and Rollinson connected on a video call Wednesday, discussing anything and everything for close to 20 minutes. They talked about how their lives have changed during the quarantine, Rollinson's schoolwork and even reflected a bit on that memorable Sunday in November, when Rollinson got to meet all of his favorite Browns.

Rollinson's cat, Buttercup, even got some screen time, to the delight of Landry.

"He's 17 pounds," Rollinson said. "He's a lineman."

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