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13 burning questions for Browns rookie Emmanuel Ogbah

For months, Emmanuel Ogbah thought his path to his first NFL snap went through the outside linebacker room.

An offseason injury to veteran defensive lineman Desmond Bryant changed everything.

Ogbah has been back in a comfort zone of sorts, working as a 3-4 defensive lineman after starring as a 4-3 end at Oklahoma State. He'll get his first live action at the position Friday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

It's an opportunity Ogbah's dreamed of for years. He gave us some perspective on that and more in 2016's first edition of "burning questions." Your first NFL game is 24 hours away. What's going through your head?

Ogbah: It feels good. As a kid you dream your whole life to be on this big stage and now you get to experience this. Come Friday, I'll be excited and ready to go. What's training camp been like and how has it been affected by playing multiple positions?

Ogbah: It's been tough with me playing two positions. I have a lot of studying and stuff I have to do. It's a grind but training camp is always a grind. There's a lot of competition. I'm just glad I'm able to get good work in with some of the veteran guys. How is your day divided between defensive line and outside linebacker?

Ogbah: Sometimes I'll be with the D-line going through stuff and Coach (Ray) Horton will say 'go play some outside linebacker, too.' Since I study so much, it's kind of easy for me because I take time to study the outside linebackers, too, as well as the defensive line stuff. Did you have a feeling you'd be on the move after hearing about Bryant's injury?

Ogbah: I definitely thought it was a possibility with Des going down. I was prepared when I was training. When I heard the news, I started working on D-line stuff again and what do you know, they called and told me I'd be playing D-line now. What were your emotions like when you heard the news?

Ogbah: To be honest, I was actually happy because I get to have my hand in the dirt and rush the quarterback. But I was prepared for anything, whatever Coach Horton wanted me to do. What's the biggest difference between what you're doing now and what you did as a 4-3 end in college?

Ogbah: I still have my hand down but I'll be closer to the quarterback. I have to take on more double teams than I did in college. I think that's the main difference. What's it been like lining up against NFL veteran offensive linemen and how have you had to adjust your approach?

Ogbah: It's a grind, it's definitely a grind because these guys know your moves before you do it. You've just got to get on them fast and engage them fast so they can't get their hands on you. They won't be able to double you that fast.

The Browns kickstarted the 2016 NFL Draft's second round Friday by selecting Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah with the No. 32 pick. Are any of the NFL players you emulated 3-4 defensive ends?

Ogbah: They were all either 4-3 defensive ends or outside linebackers. But those guys have to play inside, too. In nickel situations they play three-technique just like I play sometimes. Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, they all played defensive tackle in 4-3 nickel. Take us inside the D-line room during training camp.

Ogbah: Everybody is stepping up since Des went down. We have guys stepping up like Danny Shelton and Armonty (Bryant), Jamie Meder, and Nick Hayden, too. He just came here. All guys stepping up trying to lead because our leader went down. The offense has been making a lot of headlines during the training camp. What's that say about where the defense is?

Ogbah: I would say the offense gets all the shine but the defense is actually getting after the quarterback and making great plays. We just have to keep growing and be the best we can be. Safe to say the progress won't be apparent until you can hit the quarterback in preseason games?

Ogbah: That's the one thing I don't like about practice. You don't get to hit the quarterback. Once we get out there, it's full go and we can attack the quarterback as much as we want. I know this is your first NFL experience, but were you surprised by how young this team is and how big the rookie class is?

Ogbah: This team is pretty young. I was shocked when I got here. It's a cool experience. It feels like we're starting something new. It's like starting from scratch, all young guys. We have to set the pace and change this program. That's why we're here and why we were drafted. Do you have any personal goals for the season?

Ogbah: My personal goal for this season is to do whatever I can to help out the team, help the team win. If it's get after the quarterback, that's what I'm going to do just to help this team win more games.

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