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14 burning questions for Browns WR Corey Coleman

Corey Coleman has waited six long weeks to get back on the field.

In front of friends and family making the trip up to Cleveland from their native Dallas, Coleman will be a key piece on a Browns offense looking to pick up their first win of the season Sunday against the NFC East leading Cowboys. caught up with Coleman on Friday to get a gauge on his excitement level. What's the week been like building up to Sunday's return?

Coleman: I'm just really focused. We've been practicing really hard as a unit and a team. I'm just ready to go out there and play football. For you personally, what's this recovery been like?

Coleman: It's been very frustrating but I'm back and I'm excited. I look at it like everything happens for a reason. I'm back just in time when the team needs me. How important was it to remain engaged with the team during your absence and how will that help Sunday?

Coleman: It's very important getting the mental reps. I couldn't catch but I was running. It's never the same than actually being out there, but it helped me a lot coming back. I've had two great days of practice and I'm excited and ready to play. You learn anything about yourself during this time?

Coleman: Don't take anything for granted because the game could be taken from you any day. While you're out there, enjoy it and love the game. Just don't take it for granted. What have you seen from the other rookies who stepped up during your absence?

Coleman: They've done a great job and done everything the coaches asked of them. They worked really hard. Those are talented guys and they've got a bright future. How much has Terrelle Pryor emerged within the wide receivers room?

Coleman: He's done a great job, fantastic. He's stepping up and making big plays when we need them. He's a really good person, too. He's really smart, knows the whole offense if you have a question you can go to him and ask him. Looking back at your last game, it looked like something clicked. What made it so successful?

Coleman: Really just practice and knowing what to do, where to be and playing the game really fast. I wasn't thinking as much and just went out there and played. What's your relationship and chemistry like with the team's different quarterbacks?

Coleman: They're all good, really talented. They specialize in something different but they're all really good and talented. I'd go to war for any of them. Whoever is back there, I'm going to play my hardest and give it my all. You didn't get a ton of repetitions with Cody Kessler in the preseason, but you've got a past relationship with him, right?

Coleman: He's a rookie, too, and came here with him during rookie minicamp. He was the quarterback and he's done an unbelievable job and he's still doing an unbelievable job. What does he do to not look like a rookie out there?

Coleman: He's really poised. He doesn't let stuff spook him. He can get hit really hard and get right back up and act like nothing just happened. That's really rare in young quarterbacks. You've got a bunch of family coming in town for this game. How will that be and what have they meant to you?

Coleman: It means a lot. I'm a family guy, especially with my mom and two sisters. They're coming in and so are some of my friends. I'm excited they get to come watch me play my first game back. Is this the longest you've been away from home?

Coleman: It has been the longest. I'm grown now. I've been in Texas my whole life so I'm old enough to take care of myself. Sometimes you've got to what's best for you. Coming out here and getting drafted to the Browns, I've absolutely been honored to play for this organization and Coach Hue (Jackson). The guys on the team are amazing in the way they're handling stuff right now. At practice, nobody is giving up, everyone is focused and ready to play. What's kept the attitude so positive?

Coleman: Really we just believe in ourselves. Not too many people out there believe in us but it's OK. As long as we believe in ourselves and keep on staying motivated by each other, it's going to start turning around. Looking ahead to Sunday, what stands out about the Cowboys D?

Coleman: They're really good, technically sound. They've got some really good players back there. I'm excited to compete against them.

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