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15 local schools complete Browns Play 60 Challenge


The Browns commend all the participants on taking positive steps towards living a healthy and active lifestyle. The teachers and staff at each school did a tremendous job of getting the kids to be active and have shared their stories.

This year as part of the Play 60 initiative schools, Craddock Elementary School introduced the students to a Physical Activity and Literacy Pack or The P.A.L. Pack.  Ms. Jessel and the school's media specialist created a backpack that kids could take home. Items in the bag promoted both physical and health literacy concepts.  The backpack included books related to health and wellness, an activity guide and equipment such as: a Frisbee, jump ropes, balls and bean bags.  The students and their families were encouraged to use the backpack for a week and make one small lifestyle change inspired by the materials provided.  Also, during physical education class, students brainstormed ways to stay active at home and how to implement the activities learned in P.E.  Each lesson in P.E. closed with a discussion of how to modify and change the activity so the students could play with their families and friends while at home.  As a way to implement Play 60 in the upcoming school year, Ms. Jessel and the media specialist will be assembling 25 more P.A.L. Packs.  Students will continue to be able to obtain the packs during P.E., and now they will also be able to check them out through the school's library services.  Ms. Jessel also plans to refresh the activity guide and equipment based on the lessons taught during P.E.  The P.A.L. packs have been a great way to promote the Play 60 program at Craddock Elementary School and promote healthy activity in their students. By going to school and participating in the Play 60 movement, students are making themselves better. Students can inspire their classmates, friends and family to commit to a healthy lifestyle by getting and staying active. Exercising also helps them do well in school and will helps to make them more successful in your future! The Browns want your school to share your stories with #give10. Let us know what you're doing to make yourself better.

The Browns PLAY 60 movement, contributing to the NFL's nationwide initiative to promote youth health and wellness by getting active at least 60 minutes each day, is in association with University Hospitals and American Dairy Association Mideast and Fuel Up to PLAY 60. The Browns actively bring PLAY 60 to the local community throughout the year to ensure kids and families are learning about and taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

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