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2,000 Days at Gordon Square Early Learning Center


On Tuesday, through an extension of the Cleveland Browns Foundation Radiothon, 100 pre-kindergarten children and parents gathered at the Gordon Square Early Learning Center. The Foundation, in partnership with the Centers for Families and Children and PNC Bank, hosted the event to promote the 2,000 Days initiative. 2,000 Days represents the approximate number of days between a child's birth and the day they begin kindergarten. The movement was created to inform parents how important the early stages of their children's education is before they even step into a preschool classroom, and the important role they play in their child's development.

"Ninety-percent of brain-growth development occurs within that time," said Renee Harvey, Vice President of the Cleveland Browns Foundation. "We want to make sure the parents are really engaged with their child's learning and become an advocate with selecting high quality preschools, and elementary schools."

Cleveland Browns players, including DB Johnson Bademosi and DL John Hughes (DL) were at Gordon Square to play football-themed games, craft, dance, and promote early learning with those attending the event.

This event was so important to John Hughes, he even brought his own 2 year-old son to the event.

"Seeing it first hand and how much they learn and grow in those first 2000 days and how it is so influential on their lives," is why Hughes supports the 2000 days pledge. "It means everything (…) to be here with my son and know that my organization supports a program like this."

Johnson Bademosi, a Stanford graduate, knows the importance of education and how important it is to spread the message of early learning. "Even before kids get to school it's important that parents are exposing their children to early learning and helping to make learning fun."

All those who attended were encouraged to take the 2,000 Days Pledge, an educational commitment encompassing the amount of time between a child's birth and the start of kindergarten. The pledge focuses on parents, families and teachers collaborating to help children prepare for success when starting kindergarten.

About the Cleveland Browns Foundation
The Cleveland Browns Foundation is dedicated to a solution-based, holistic approach to ensure Northeast Ohio youth receive the development and education they need as a foundation for independence and success. For more information, visit

About The First and Ten Campaign
The Centers for Families and Children is also a community partner through the Cleveland Browns First and Ten campaign. This campaign was established to inspire fans to volunteer in and help their communities throughout the world by volunteering for 10 hours each year. All Browns fans are encouraged to join the volunteering effort by signing the First and Ten pledge on the team's website and by sharing their stories with #give10.

About The Centers for Families and Children 2,000 Days Pledge:
The choices parents make for their child during the first 2,000 Days – from birth to the first day of kindergarten – have a lasting impact on later success in both school and life. -The 2,000 Days Pledge is a promise between community partners and parents pledging to give their child the best early learning experiences possible during the first 2,000 Days. The initiative is supported by Cleveland Browns Foundation and other lead partners including, PNC and the United Way Women's Leadership Council.

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