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3 things we learned from the 2020 season premiere of 'Building the Browns'

The first episode of the 2020 edition of Building the Browns hit the Internet on Sunday morning, and tens of thousands of you have already consumed the latest installment of the award-winning docu-series.

For those who haven't, or for those who simply want to relive what they watched, we've got three things we learned from the newest episode, which stars coach Kevin Stefanski, Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Berry, scout Adam Al-Khayyal and more.

1) A peek inside Berry's first meeting with his staff

Berry didn't waste any time meeting with his closest staff on his first day on the job, and he delivered a powerful message to the group that was captured by BTB's cameras.

"My expectation for everybody in this room is to come to work with a positive attitude and energy every day they enter the building," Berry said. "Those behaviors, they don't start in the fall. Those are habits we start right now."

Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta recounted a conversation he had with Chargers general manager Tom Telesco shortly before the Browns hired Berry to his position. Telesco gave Berry his first NFL job years back with the Colts.

"I made reference to the fact AB was 32 years old. Tom goes, 'what, that can't be right,'" DePodesta said. "Then he did the math and said, 'I guess that is right.' 

"Nobody sees him that way. Both (Stefanski and Berry) have a real maturity about them and a real sense of calm and command."

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2) A day in the life of a scout at the NFL Combine

Browns scout Adam Al-Khayyal let BTB's cameras follow him for a day at the NFL Combine. It's a big week for area scouts like Al-Khayyal, who is based in Seattle and covers a swath of schools on the West Coast. This is one of just a handful of times Al-Khayyal is with the rest of his co-workers in the Browns scouting department.

"From the moment the 2020 draft ends, everything else the area scout does is for the next draft," Al-Khayyal said. "It takes a whole year to get the payoff so there is a big buildup. That's why the guys look forward to it. This is in a way your Super Bowl. This is your weekend where everything you've done will have an impact."

Al-Khayyal did a little bit of everything at the Combine, constantly going from one place to another and playing a vital role during the player workouts. While Berry and others watched from the team suite upstairs, Al-Khayyal was closer to the action clocking players' splits in the 40-yard dash.

"For the area guys, the big part of their workload is the interviews in the informal settings, but there is a fair amount of legwork," Berry said.

"They're the unsung heroes, so to speak."

3) Go inside the Browns' interview room at the Combine

The Browns occupied suite LS 28C during this year's Combine in Indianapolis. BTB's cameras take viewers inside the room, which features a laptop full of the player's highlights and lowlights and a white board if the player needs to diagram a play for the group.

Efficiency is the name of the game, as teams get just a limited amount of time to talk with the prospects before they're summoned to another destination. And if you look closely, you just might be able to recognize a few of the players whom with the Browns met.

"It allows us to dig into specific aspects of the player's profile," Berry said. "Most of it will be football-based to really get a feel for where they are from a football acumen standpoint if they were to enter into our program. It gives us a dedicated focused time to meet with 45 players and just really get a little more information and a little more familiarity with them that we otherwise wouldn't."