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5 Mike Pettine quotes of note as Browns wrap up OTAs

Ten up, 10 down.

OTAs are officially over in Berea.

After a weekend away from the facility, the Browns will report for mandatory veteran mini-camp today and be back on the field Tuesday. When Thursday comes to a close, that will be a wrap on the team's 2015 offseason workout program.

Browns coach Mike Pettine was one of many to address reporters after Thursday's practice. These five statements caught our attention the most as the Browns hit the home stretch before a month-plus of well-earned vacation.

On the decision to trade for three-time Pro Bowl punter Andy Lee and release Spencer Lanning.

It was a tough choice because anybody that's spent time around Spencer just knows what a solid player he is and even more so a quality person. It was difficult, but that's life in the NFL. We felt we had an opportunity to make our team better. There was a Pro Bowl punter out there that we felt the cost associated was obviously very manageable. It was a decision we made."

On the state of the Browns' situation at kicker, where Travis Coons and Carey Spear are currently competing.

"I don't have a strong opinion just because I've said before this isn't real football. When the lights are on in a preseason game and there's some pressure there and all the kicks that get charted with a live rush during training camp we'll have a much better sense. It's not anything that we're concerned about or alarmed about. We're just anxious to see how it's going to play out."

On Johnny Manziel's progress throughout OTAs

"He's been very hard on himself this spring. He wants to be. Even when he makes a good play, he's sometimes talking under his breathe like he wants it to be perfect. To me, that's an encouraging thing. If you're hardest on yourself, then I think you've got a chance to be successful. I know there are a bunch of plays that all the quarterbacks – whether it was a wrong route or they misses a throw or whatever it is – these guys are perfectionists, and they want it done right."

On the decision to give Josh McCown and Manziel the lion's share of repetitions at quarterback during OTAs

"That's just the nature of the reps kind of based on where they are right now on the depth chart. When we wrap up next week we'll evaluate where we are, not just at that position but every position. Then, it'll be on the coordinator to get with each position coach to kind of set the plan for training camp

On where Cavs guard Matthew Dellavedova would fit best on the Browns' roster.

"6-4, 200 – that's a little tall to be a strong safety. I don't know where we would play him. If he did play safety, he'd be down close to the ball a lot."

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