5 things: How the Browns got extra work in on Thanksgiving

Browns coach Hue Jackson joked he grew mad while watching the NFL's Thanksgiving triple-header.

The reason why?

"Because I want to be where some of those teams are. That's the goal," Jackson said Friday ahead of this weekend's game against the Giants. [


](​"When you watch Dallas doing what they are doing, that is division. That is what you see. I want to be in that situation with this organization with this team. Again, watching the team you played last week play another AFC team, you have thoughts about all of that. So, it was good to watch all the games and to see the outcomes."

Here's what else you should know.

2.  Extra film at home

The Browns met for practice Thursday before spending the rest of Thanksgiving with friends and family. Defensive coordinator Ray Horton said he challenged players to watch day's three games — Lions-Vikings, Cowboys-Redskins, Steelers-Colts — as if it were something of an extra film session. "It's a time to go home and I challenged our guys on defense, 'When you go home' — we played Pittsburgh, we played Dallas, we played Washington — we played three of the teams on. I said 'Watch what happens. Watch how they play.' You will be able to call plays out from formations and everything,'" Horton said.

"One of our coaches came in and goes, 'Did you see the Dallas first play of the game? They motioned (Cowboys receiver) Lucky Whitehead down in motion and they handed him the ball that we had prepared for.' So my message to them was, you will be able to call a lot of the plays, understand what you see on Thanksgiving and then just apply it on Sunday."

3. High expectations

If he were to grade Joe Haden's performance this season thus far, defensive coordinator Ray Horton said the Browns "expect more out of him and so does he."

"I think he is having for him, he would probably say an average year," Horton said. "He would probably expect a little bit more from him. I think the league leader in picks has five ... Joe has three. I would say for him average just because we expect so much more out of him. I am sure he does, too."

"He knows he can play at a very high level. He has done it – the accolades and the respect that people have for him. Obviously, when you go against the (Steelers WR) Antonio Brown, the (Giants WR) Odell Beckham Jr.'s, the (Bengals WR) A.J. Greens and all of the guys that he has been against, they are going to catch some of theirs just because of the way the league is, but we and he expects a lot more out of him, meaning he expects himself to be one of the top players in the league."​

Haden helped keep Brown in check last weekend and will be called upon to cover Beckham this Sunday.

4. Freak day

Chris Tabor's theory on why there were 12 missed PATs across the league last week? "I'll be honest with you, everyone says 'extra point' and kind of, 'Oh, they missed an extra point.' It is not an extra point. It is an extra field goal," he said. "If a guy misses a 33-yard field goal, you say, 'Well, he missed a 33-yard field goal.' When he misses an extra point, everyone goes, 'Whoa! An extra point?' No, an extra field goal. It was kind of a freak day really."

The Browns special teams coordinator also said the powerful winds blowing across the Midwest and Northeast also seemed to play a role. "The wind, she was blowing," he said, referencing 35 mile-per-hour gusts at FirstEnergy Stadium. "I said it that if you were worried about your hair, you shouldn't come to the game. I think that was probably at a lot of the stadiums. I think was kind of a culmination of that."

5. DBs questionable

Browns defensive backs Tramon Williams (knee) and Ed Reynolds (knee) are questionable for Sunday's game against the New York Giants. While Williams has been battling injury for the past few weeks, Reynolds was a new addition to the report this week.  "He'll be OK, he's working through it and hopefully he'll be fine," Jackson said, adding Reynolds suffered the injury in practice.

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