5 things: 'We're going to fight our tails off' in Baltimore

The Browns are a little more than 48 hours from a Thursday night showdown against the Ravens, who sit atop the AFC North.

Here are five things to know from Tuesday's news conferences

— 'We are going to fight our tails off'

Browns head coach Hue Jackson and his players said they've been encouraged by the way they're sticking together after a frustrating 0-9 start.

"I think you guys know within these walls is a brotherhood here. We all have each other's back. We understand the situation we are in, but that doesn't mean that we aren't doing some things better than what we have ever done here," he said.

"I do believe there are a lot of good things that are going on here. It just hasn't shown up in the win ledger. That is unfortunate because that is why all of us do what we do. It is about wins and losses. We try to really focus on the positives and not really try to get into the negative very much."

Jackson also made it clear the Browns are determined to notch their first win sooner than later.

"Somehow, someway, we are going to find a way not to be 0-16. That is not where we want to be. We don't want to be 0-9 right now, to be very honest with you. We are going to fight our tails off, and it starts on Thursday night again," he said.

"Our guys come in here every week with the mindset of 'Look, we are going to go back out here, we are going to do it again, we are going to give you everything we have and we are going to go try and change this.' That's what they have been doing."

— Wandering Weddle

The Browns will have to be extra aware of where Ravens safety Eric Weddle is at all times Thursday night.

"He's like having a quarterback out on the field," Jackson said. "He knows how to play, he's a veteran player, he's very smart. You can tell he studies the game because he normally knows where the ball's going before you say set hut. He's done a good job for the and I think he's helped solidify their defense for them in the back end."

Weddle, who's in his 10th NFL season and first with Baltimore, has 41 tackles, six pass breakups and an interceptions thus far this season. The veteran has also played a key role in making the Ravens secondary a top-10 pass defense.

— 'We're just not there yet, and that's OK'

Jackson offered some insight as to why the Browns offense has seemed to sputter in the second half, a trend that reared its head Sunday when Cleveland gained 28 yards in the final 30 minutes against Dallas.

"We've had opportunities to make the same plays in the second half that we make in the first half, and for whatever reason, we haven't made them. I think our players would tell you that to a man, that's the frustrating part for them, frustrating part for us all is that when the plays are there we've got to make them and we just haven't done it, and sometimes we have," Jackson said.

"But when you look, just the consistency of doing it play in and play out, that's when you become a pretty decent offensive football team. And we're just not there yet, and that's OK.

"When you're playing with a lot of young players — that's not making an excuse because at the same time, the young players that we've had aren't young players, they have to play at a high level — but the pressure of doing everything right for 65, 55 plays in a game is tough, it's hard, of doing it just the right way all the time. The more they play the better they're going to get."

— Attacking downfield

Speaking of the offense, Jackson said the Browns need to throw the ball down the field more for success.

"That 's the way we in this offense score more points," he said, adding rookie quarterback Cody Kessler "has done a good job of distributing the ball and he has done a good job of putting the ball in the right places for the most part."

But Jackson said Kessler is coming to grips with how NFL defenses have started to adjust to him and Cleveland's offense.

"You have to sometimes take a few more chances to score points because the defenses are too good. They will give you certain things because they know you will take them and try to beat you in the other things," Jackson said.

"We have to always stay aggressive and push the ball when we can because it gives us a chance to have big plays and make big plays."

— Cam ready to go

Jackson said Cameron Erving will remain at center and that he's in good spirits following an ejection this past weekend's against the Cowboys.

"He should be, he's well-rested, that's for sure," Jackson said, laughing. "We teased him yesterday, he's got fresher legs than anybody. So you can't be throwing helmets. But no, I think he's ready to go, I think his mindset is good and he's looking forward to playing."

Erving and defensive end David Irving were both ejected on the fifth play of the game for an on-field scuffle.                           

Erving, who met with reporters Tuesday, said he has to keep his composure going forward.

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