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9 burning questions for Browns WR Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon's long wait ended last Friday in Tampa Bay. The Browns wide receiver is focused on making the most of Thursday's game against the Bears before his next, much shorter wait commences.

After Thursday, Gordon will wait until Week 5 to make his 2016 debut. What he'll do during that time period and more came up in's chat with him Tuesday. After more than a year away from the team, what's it been like to be back in the fold this past month?

Gordon: It's been great to come back and get right into it and play some preseason. We've got this game coming up against Chicago. It's been a great experience to come back and play with some of my best friends and have the time of my life. How tough was it to make your return but, at the same time, be sidelined with a quadriceps injury?

Gordon: Just being patient with it, a lot of treatment, other things the doctors had to help me out with. Just knowing eventually I'd get to the point where I can play definitely helped out a lot. Just being here around the guys, support staff, group of coaches, everybody helped me. It wasn't that hard to transition from injury to playing. It was tough to deal with right away. What were your emotions like entering Friday's game and then to make two big catches in your preseason debut?

Gordon: Coming into practice, I was more concerned about making sure I knew my assignments and everything like that. I figured the game would kind of go how it goes. I know it's the preseason and you're not necessarily getting the best looks or best plays offensively that's in the playbook so it's more of what you've got. Fortunately it worked in my favor and I was able to capitalize and make some plays for us. I think we've got a lot more of those in the tank, whether it be me or whoever else at wide receiver and running back. I think we've got enough firepower to get something done. What's it been like to come back into a situation with a quarterback you have a past connection with in Robert Griffin III?

Gordon: It definitely helps and it's definitely great because I've known him since college. He was a great quarterback then and he's a great quarterback now. I'll follow that guy into any fight. I'll support him, have his back and go all out and do everything I can to help make a play with him and for him. He needs me just as much as I need him. That's kind of how our relationship is, very dependent of each other. I think that's where we'll thrive at. Take us inside the wide receiver room and how they've welcomed you back.

Gordon: It's a great receiver room. Bunch of different characters, bunch of different personalities, guys from all over the country. We've come to know each other very well. A lot of the guys in the room I've known previously and I've known Terrelle Pryor before I got here. Even the rookies, Corey (Coleman) coming from Baylor, I've known him since college. All the young guys got acclimated really well and very quickly. It's like a family atmosphere in the wide receiver room and the entire locker room as a whole. The guys are just really embracing the culture and society of guys being together and having that togetherness. I think it helps the young guys and definitely me coming back into an organization. What does a Hue Jackson offense demand out of a wide receiver?

Gordon: Definitely effort. You've got to have a lot of it. High motor and a lot of stamina because we're definitely going to be passing the ball vertically down the field a lot. The more energy and stamina you've got to stay in the game, the more opportunities you'll have. I think that's the key for us at wide receiver. What's it been like to see players such as Pryor and Coleman emerge as big threats?

Gordon: I've seen TP make huge strides since 2015 to now, almost unfathomable. I couldn't expect anyone to come into the NFL and never having played the position at the highest level and pick it up. It took him some time, but he put a lot of work in. I think it's going to pay off for him big. With Corey, I think the same thing for him. He's learning every day. When you see that in those young guys, you remember yourself at that stage and how much you have to learn so quickly and develop so fast. I kind of just see him on the right path. I definitely think he'll blossom into a great wide receiver here. What do you want to get out of this final preseason game?

Gordon: Just more experience, more opportunity. I'm just happy to be out there playing alongside all these guys, sweating and going to battle with them, having that camaraderie, that fun. I really just enjoy being out here at practice and in the game. It's just a beautiful time for me. I really wouldn't want to be doing anything else. How will you stay locked in between the end of the preseason and your anticipated Week 5 return?

Gordon: I'll still be here at the facility, so I'll be working out a lot with our training staff and making sure I'm in shape for when I come back Week 5 and doing everything I can to be on top of that and not to miss anything. Just want to pick up where I left off this last game against Chicago. I'll do everything I can to be on top of that.

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