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Austin Davis press conference: Browns vs. Bengals

On the Bengals' pressure put on him:

"We just went against a really good defense today. Their ability to get pressure with just the front four makes them really tough, but for the most part, I thought our guys battled pretty well. There were chances to get rid of the ball, and as always, a couple times those pressures are on me for not getting the ball out. I thought we battled and tried to keep moving forward."

 On his performance:

"I think we are judged on wins and losses so you saw how the game went. It is disheartening to put so much into a week of prep and then you go out and have a game like that. Whatever my performance was, it wasn't good enough. We have to continue to push and continue to work and, I thought a lot of guys stepped up. We had a lot of injuries. That was pretty neat to see to see guys who hadn't ever had reps of certain things come in and the things they did – (WR) Darius Jennings being the first one who comes to mind. That was good."

 On WR injuries adding to the challenge of starting:

"It certainly wasn't part of the plan, but it is NFL football and guys get hurt and the next man up has to be ready. I think that is the encouraging thing. All the guys that had to step into roles that weren't familiar with or didn't necessarily get the reps all week did a really good job, in my opinion. Obviously, the outcome of the game is not anywhere close to what we want, and I think we are better than what we showed. At the end of the day, you are only as good as the final score."

 On if the Browns still had a chance to win when he was sacked on fourth-and-11:

"I think you always feel like you can win the ball game, especially that early in the game. You're only a couple scores down. I do appreciate Coach Pett's (Head Coach Mike Pettine) confidence in me and the offense any time he goes for fourth down.  A lot of times, he'll ask us how we feel, what we're thinking and things like that. He puts a lot of confidence in us, and that as a player is what you want and that's what you appreciate. It doesn't matter if its fourth-and-20. If they call a play, we've got to go execute and get the first down."

 On if a player broke free on that same play:

"I'm having a hard time remembering specifically that play. There are a lot of plays in my head right now."

On if he knows who will start at QB next week:

"No, we'll figure all of that out as we go."

 On if he played well enough to get another start:

"That's not my decision. The situation that we're in and me specifically is keep preparing and keep playing. That's what I tried to do this week. That's why it's so tough is you put so much into the game and then to go out and have a performance like that where the game just gets away from us and towards the end you feel like you didn't have a chance, it's really hard, but we have to play next week and the team that's coming in here is not going to feel bad for us. Whatever we have to do this week to get healthy, one, and to get prepared and to go play. I don't know what else to say."

 On the interception intended for WR Brian Hartline:

"That was a classic example of just two guys on different pages. We talked about it in the huddle, and then he was thinking one thing and I was thinking another. After we talked, I was like 'That's the throw we make in OTAs, and it gets picked off and me and you go over to the sideline and talk about it and it never happens again.' I said the problem is I wasn't here during OTAs so we didn't get to do that and it happened on Sunday, and that's not what you want, but again, that's the situation we're in. Hartline was playing a different position at that point. He didn't run that route all week, and that's just how it went today that was the game we were in."

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